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Liddle Ones Vitamin D3 drops for Newborns and Infants #health #giveaway


Vitamin D3 is vital to the proper absorption of calcium to develop and maintain strong bones. It is also crucial to muscle and nerve function as well as supporting the immune system.  Many children are lacking in Vitamin D, and it’s essential that we increase levels for the entire family.  Vitamin D deficiency affects people in all stages of life.   According to studies, vitamin D3 deficiency has increased nearly 200% in recent years – in newborns, infants, toddlers, kids and adults.  It is recommended that you supplement with vitamin D3 (the most useful vitamin D supplement) starting in pregnancy.

The most prescribed solution with vitamin D deficiency – especially in newborns suffering from Jaundice (a well known result in those infants lacking in Vitamin D) is to give them sunlight.  Typically, you will see me putting my baby by the window – albeit drafty, we do get some good quality light!  In fact, that is the best known cure for anyone.  However, in the winter months (or drafty windows and doors), it’s hard getting out in the sun to sunbathe.  It’s too cold and the days are too short.  If you do not have access to the sun, do not want to lay in dangerous tanning beds, a good vitamin D supplement (should be taken as vitamin D3 and not D2) can be taken.


Liddle Ones Vitamin D3 Drops


Liddle Ones Vitamin D3 Drops are designed for our precious littles.  The simple and accurate dropper allows us to administer just 0.5 mL to the tiniest baby once a day.  There are dosing instructions for everyone in the family no matter the age.  These drops are easily digested by kids and mom.  Liddle Ones are administered orally, directly  in the mouth, or mixed can be mixed with food or drink.   I feel safe giving this product to all of my kids.  Liddle Ones is derived from pure Aloe Vera juice and tastes great (tasted it myself) with natural wildberry flavor.  It doesn’t have an oily aftertaste.  Liddle Ones is MADE IN USA – which supports American workers – using the highest quality natural ingredients. There are NO artificial colors, flavors or added sugar.

Even though we are a meat-eating family, this product is suitable for vegetarians!

Price is always a factor for our family.  I want to make sure that I am providing healthy options for my family – and not breaking the bank.  I still think it’s possible to have both.  Using the dosing instructions provided, The Liddle Ones Bottle will last 4 months dosing 1 child under 2.  That’s just a bit over $4 a month.  Not bad!


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  1. Laurie Emerson says:

    My son was jaundiced they had me only let him have indirect light contact and more feedings and in a few days it went away.

  2. Rosanne Morrison

    Yes mine were jaundiced. They went under the bili light in the hospital and when home kept them in diaper and near a sunny window.

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