The Magic of Wool

Roll of Merino Wool

I recently received a beautiful roll of merino wool!  Isn’t it pretty?  It just makes me drool.  It is so super soft and squishy.  I am really excited about making some really nice kids things out of this!  It will dye up beautifully.


My hubby and I were watching tennis last night.  We were talking about many things – and he turned to me and said…

Well, what are you doing to do now that summer is coming?  What will you sell because wool is going to be too hot.

I looked at him like he had 3 eyes – seriously.

So, I decided that perhaps it was time to discuss the benefits/magic of wool on the blog.

When I say, Magic, it’s not a mistake.  Wool is like magic in the following ways…

  1. It’s natural and sustainable
  2. It is naturally wicking and super absorbent (as much as 30% of it’s weight).  It wicks moisture away from your body – which gives it the unique heating (during the winter) and cooling (during the summer) properties.  You could totally take your baby out to the park in the longies and he/she would be comfortable.  *In fact, I am famous for making washable merino wool liners for my cloth diapers.  It’s a natural stay dry layer.  This is how I make my bamboo fitted diapers bullet proof at night.  When I take the diaper off the next morning – the wool is almost dry to the touch.  Gray’s bottom is dry – he is a happy camper – and therefore, I’m a happy Mommy!  It’s a win-win!
  3. It’s antimicrobial.  Wool WILL NOT mold.  Wool WILL NOT smell.  It’s perfect!
  4. It’s extremely durable – and can withstand the most rough and tumble kid.  Especially the wool that is all nice and felted up.
  5. It’s very versatile.  Don’t be afraid to put on wool and let your kids go out and play in the park, or dress it up for an evening concert at the Kennedy Center (insert fancy concert venue in your city).
  6. Most important thing for Mom’s.  It’s super easy to take care of.  Don’t let the hand washing fool you.  You only need to wash if it’s heavily soiled.  Most of the time, I just sun my wool for a few hours and it’s as good as new.  The sun has amazing cleansing powers!
  7. Our wool is super stretchable and super soft and squishy!

I think the most elite bikers where wool under their biking uniform.  Do you wear wool regularly?  Would you like to try it?

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  1. When I first started reading all the buzz about wool, I remember thinking “these women talk about it like it’s magic or something.” Well……yeah! It kind of is!

  2. That wool really does look gorgeous.

    • Thanks! It is so nice and squishy. Once I get what I need to get done, I’m going to start on working on getting something together for older children. Then, some mama pants!

  3. I love knitting with Merino wool. It’s the best ever, and I bet if I were a baby, I would love the feel of this on my butt. Maybe you should make some adult undies???

    • Hahaha! Maybe so. So funny. I was thinking about starting a work up on some Mama pants. Just to lounge around in. Thinking bamboo, but wool is a bit more stretchy. You know, the bloat?

  4. Nice, wool sounds like a really comfortable material.
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