The Sign Said it All: Signs from the Women’s March on Washington that Spoke to Me

Women's March on Washingon


My sister and I were 2 of the 500,000 people who marched in Washington, DC – and for the first time since the election do I have strong hope that we will be able to take our country back!  It was an amazing experience!


The Women's march on Washington


The fact that people marched all over the world against a bigoted, misogynistic, dishonest, divisive and corrupt administration is AMAZING.  I think it speaks volumes to the massive mistake this country made.  I thought it was beautiful that everyone had their own cause.  Some it was about education, others it was about a women’s right to choose, others it was diversity, others – black lives matters, others were apologizing for this hot mess, and others were protesting everything all in one sign!

I wanted to share with you some of the more impactful signs that we saw on Saturday.


Women build bridges and not walls




violence against women never a joking matter


Anybody who excuses sexual assault has a huge problem.


this is not okay


It’s not okay.  Anyone who excuses his behavior as normal by calling on us to give him a chance has lost their cotton-picking minds.  I find it offensive.  This is not normal and I will fight.


trump toxic, racist, misogynist


Let’s just admit it out loud.




If having respect for my body makes me a feminist.  So be it!


Our civil rights getting in the way


Yeah, it was, and they were getting darn tired of it.


Justice over white comfort


Yep!  Let’s just say what this is all about.


muslim registry


If there is a registry, I’m standing in line and registering.


Diversity is america


Diversity is beautiful.  It makes America what it is.  There is a choice.


No hate no fear


Pretty sign


Black lives matter

Yes, black lives DO matter


140 characters

Yep, right.  He has no character, no elegance, and no dignity.  You want respect, you treat others with respect.


Can't believe I have to fight for this shit


We go around and around in a circle, making the same mistakes.  It’s time to value education.


WE are grandaughters of witched you werent able to burn


Not going to be able to burn us now either.


Nasty women please save us

Nasty Women are our only hope.  Stay Nasty!



And Finally, the one that sums it up best!

We fucked up bigly


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I saw so many powerful signs. My oldest had a debate, so the rest of us watched the march at home. It made me proud to see a sea of women (and men) of different race, religions, economic status, and sexual preference, align together in peace. That’s how America should always be. We should be able to work together peacefully despite our differences. Our differences make us better, they make us America…. the home of the FREE and the BRAVE.

  2. Love all the signs! Awesome. We were at one of the much smaller marches in North Carolina. It was a great turn out for our little city.
    Blessings, Dawn

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