Tips for Finding a Nursery for your Child



Finding a good nursery to entrust your child in is an important step in parenting. Day care benefits children in a lot of ways. Sending your child to nursery prepares them for formal schooling in the coming years. They’ll learn new things and gain friends, and next thing you know they’ll be ready and excited to go to school!


When looking for the best nursery finchley to entrust your child in, you have to look at different factors. This article will show you 5 of the most important considerations you should take when choosing the nursery that’s right for your child:


  1. Are they registered and inspected?

Nurseries and daycare centers have to be registered and authorized by the corresponding authority. In England, learning centers for children have to accredited by Ofsted or Office for Standards in Education. They’re responsible for carrying out inspections and regulatory visits throughout England, ensuring that all educational centers are in compliance with government standards. Being registered with Ofsted means that a nursery can be trusted to offer excellent teaching services to your children. A list of Ofsted accredited nurseries are publicly available online.


  1. Have you checked their curriculum?

You might think of nurseries as plain day care centers where you can leave your children while you’re at work, but they’re more than that. A good preschool curriculum is vital to your kid’s formative years. Whatever they learn in school they will apply to their home, and as parents you’ll definitely notice it. A good curriculum involves a balanced combination of extracurricular activities and academic lessons. Check into their lessons and see what’s their teaching plan. Nursery students are often taught the basics: alphabets, colors, and shapes. They’re also engaged in group activities that would allow them to socialize, play, and gain new friends. Don’t trust a nursery that can’t provide you an up to date curriculum for the season.


  1. What facilities do they have?

A nursery environment must be conducive for both learning and playing. As a parent, check out the school personally and gather your initial impressions on the facilities you see. Is there a playground? Are the classrooms safe? What kind of toys are stored in the cabinets? While you can’t go full on meticulous with every item your child will be exposed to while at school, you can judge based on what strikes you most. You want to make sure that the place is child friendly, safe, and will offer a fun learning environment for your child.


  1. What do the other parents say about them?

Parents are generally very sensitive about feedback especially if it’s about something involving their child. Ask your friends and family if they can recommend a nursery for your children. If you have neighbors who have kids, you may want to chat with them as well to learn about more options. Parents will be very patronizing of something if it really offered them great service before. If you have a nursery in mind, look into their online presence and scout for reviews that would help you decide.


  1. Is it safe, secure, and nearby?

Some of the most important things to consider in a school are safety, security, and proximity. You want an environment that is safe for your child. Are there security personnel regularly roaming the place? How far is it from the police station or the fire station? Is the building compliant with safety regulations? Are the fire exits visible and passable, and extinguishers present in key spots? Check if they have an in-house clinic in case of sickness or injuries, we all know how children can be reckless playmates sometimes. Proximity is another important factor, you want to be able to drop off and pick up your child conveniently without going out of the way.

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