Top 5 Extracurricular Activities for Kids


There are many advantages that come with extracurricular activities for kids. Extracurricular activities complement the normal curriculum that kids go through in schools. These activities also create confidence in children and in the end, the activities could end up helping the kids to realize their talents and careers. How many kids have discovered their acting, music and drawing and art through extracurricular events? Quite many have done this.




Now, we shall discuss some 5 of the many extracurricular activities that a parent should encourage their kids to take part in. These are:


  1. Kids acting classes


Acting is one of the extracurricular activities that you can encourage your kid to take part in. well, not all children would be interested in this activity. However, there are many kids who are good in this extracurricular activity and these would benefit immensely if they were enrolled in these classes. Acting, singing, and modeling classes are some of the best activities that your kid can take part in. these activities will help your child to build self-confidence and self-esteem. It will also improve your kids public speaking skills.


When your kid is good at  acting and drama, they can easily succeed at Auditions HQ and probably become renown actors in future.


  1. Dancing


Kids perform amazingly in dance shows. Dancing is a great way that kids can express themselves and also build confidence and helps the children to perform in front of large audiences without stage fright. The good thing with kids is that they are always ready to learn new dance moves without apprehension. Kids are always ready to correct their dancing mistakes and they can develop this as a great talent.


When you enroll your kid in dancing classes, you will help them to build their coordination and intelligence. Those who are good at this can develop dancing as a future career.


  1. Sports and games activities


As the old adage goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You do not want your kids to be dull. Sports and games are some of the best ways that children can develop psychomotor skills and also build their confidence and leadership skills. With sports, you are sure your son or daughter will grow physically, emotionally and mentally. When your kid constantly engages in sports activities, they will improve their school learning too. The mind will be more focused and will, therefore, retain most of the things the kids learn in school.


  1. Cooking classes


Cooking is a very important life skill that we need to teach our kids. When your kids learn how to cook, they become self-reliant and independent. You want your kids to learn more about the best foods to cook on various occasions and how to maintain a healthy body through food. Enrolling your kids in cooking activities nor cooking classes makes them good at following recipes and learning more about nutrition and sharing. Some of the kids go on to become the best chefs in the future!


  1. Martial arts for self-defense


Martial-arts is yet another extracurricular activity that you can enroll your kid into. Martial-arts is a good way to train your children how to defend themselves in the event they need to. When you enroll your kid in a martial-arts class such as Karate, you will help them build their self-respect and self-esteem. Like all the other kinds of extracurricular activities, your child will be better academically when they enroll in martial arts classes.


What activities do your kids enjoy?

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