How to help your kids to behave in the car


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Are you one of those parents who dreads taking your children out in the car?   Misbehaving children can  make a great trip, not so nice,  for you and themselves. Here is some advice for occupying children on long car rides!

Do the groundwork.

Setting out what is expected is crucial. You must explain that there are ways to behave in the car and that arguing, fighting, shouting, screaming and banging are not appropriate behavior. Kids are easily distracted, and it may well be that the first fast-food sign they see sets off their hunger pangs.  Include your children in the trip planning.  When we went to Minnesota, we talked about things we would like to see, directions we want to go.  Everybody got something they wanted!  It was so much better when we set out clearly what the ground rules and schedule – from the beginning.  We decided how long we would drive before we would stop to eat, and res. It is important also to explain why behaving in the car is so important, how easily it is for you to lose concentration. Encourage you children to repeat your rules about behavior/schedules.


Plenty to occupy themselves.

A tablet and a set of headphones each are an obvious way for children to keep themselves entertained. They can play on-line games, read, even watch catch-up TV or films. More traditional pastimes work well too, like coloring or playing games such as travel scrabble or seek-and-find games. For long journeys it might be worth investing in an in-car DVD player that fits to the back of the front seat head rests. A couple of films they haven’t seen before should keep everyone happy for a few hours at least. One suggestion is to reward good behavior.  Award a certain number of points for each well-behaved journey. Give stickers for instant gratification and once an agreed number of points has built up, a more substantial reward.


Who sits where.

Does anyone have a situation where kids fight about where they sit?  Maybe it’s just me.  Getting the seating right is in important factor in making for a pleasant car journey with children. If possible, separate siblings who tend to argue a lot. Put an older child between them to better keep the piece and help with activities.


A child friendly car.

Some vehicles are more than others. This is an important thing to bear in mind. Take a look at the family friendly vehicles available from The law requires children under a certain age and height to be secured in a car seat. Make sure these are comfortable and the child isn’t too restricted by a poorly fitting seat belt. Keep a bag at hand for them to put trash in and encourage them to do that, rather than leaving a mess for you to clear up at the end of the trip. Keep wet wipes and paper towels to hand so that you can quickly deal with messy fingers or spillages. It is also a good idea to carry a range of healthy nutritious snacks. Children can soon get hungry and breaking off their activity for food is a good way to relive boredom.

Don’t forget the bucket!  Undoubtedly, someone is going to have to throw-up!


What tips do you have to make long trips pleasureable?

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