TRY5: TRY5 Jeans, Send Four Back!

How many have experienced:  You are at the store.  You have 5 different brands of jeans, you try them, and they all fit differently?


<raises hands>

Some jeans, I wear a size 8, some a size 10.  Some, the 10 is too large, and the 8 is too small.


Low rise, high-rise, skinny, boot cut????

Sometimes, I just have to throw up my arms and say, “Mercy!”

No more.

I am excited to announce that Nordstrom brand, Kut from the Kloth has officially launched their TRY5 program supporting Katie Cleary’s, Peace 4 Animals.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, I think we are all well aware how endangered species have been under attack by the current administration.

It’s mind-boggling, it really is.

Peace 4 Animals has raised tens of thousands of dollars for many animal organizations around the globe in support of the protection of endangered species.


What’s the deal with TRY5?

You don’t have to go to the store and you don’t have to worry about sizing and fit.  You go to the website, pick 5 jeans, get them delivered to your door, try them on, and send the ones back that you don’t like.

It’s easy and time-saving!

You can order a few in different sizes, or try on different styles.



What are my 5?

Personally, I like a nice stretchy boot cut!  The stretch means I can wear it no matter if I am reverse dieting, cutting, or doing many many squats (BUTT).

Natalie Boot cut Kurvy

This would be a really cute summer look.  But it’s not stretchy.  I might try this in 2 sizes.


Reese Ankle Straight leg with Fray Step Hem

Of course they have shorts and crops, and while it’s not short season where I am, I like to plan for the future!  I’m always looking forward to looking good in summer.  Plus, the fact is, some people wear shorts all year around!


Catherine Boyfriend Short


I’m obsessed with skinny, and if I can fit anything with “skinny” in the name, I must have it!



Diana Relaxed Fit Skinny

I am secretly hoping that this one has enough room for all my curves!
And to round out my 5 – I think I will try another boot cut (just because I like the way boot cut looks on me)!


Natalie. High-Rise Boot Cut – Extra Wash


Can I try these all in a size 8, please?

Really, they also have plus sizes, which I appreciate. I never buy jeans, especially online, unless they carry plus sizes.  Why?  Because then I pretty much know that the jeans will fit “real” women.  Many styles go up to 24W.

And being a former Plus size wearer, plus size women need fashionable styles, too.  I always complained that plus size was all about “old lady” and polyester.

Not here.

What styles would you like to try?  I would love to hear.  Visit TRY5 online HERE.


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