Learning Programming is Kid-Friendly and Fun with Tynker – Now on iPad!


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Have you heard of Tynker?  Tynker a kid-friendly web-based platform that teaches children (as early as grade 1) computer programming skills.  It’s widely known, with use in over 8,000 schools and 5 Million users – Tynker is one of the largest Education Technology platforms in the world.  Since tablets are in many homes, Tynker wanted to expand its audience of young learners and has adapted its platform to take advantage of the iPad touch screen capabilities.  With more iPads in abundance, it is now possible for teachers to teach programming to a wider range of students.  It’s also wonderful for supplemental and homeschool applications.  With the iPad app, children can learn on the go – on vacation, in the car – anywhere.

My son is very interested in video games and (right now) is very excited about graphics, computer programming and working with KingsIsle.  We really loved learning with Tynker.  For us, the power is in the incremental development.  Utilizing logic in a  step-by-step manner,  he learned how to program a Pixel the puppy, Biff the Space Monkey, and Snap the Turtle  from the beginning to the end.  The previous step building more confidence in his knowledge and the next step, taking his skills one more step forward.  If there was an error in his thinking – the program gives clues to help him understand his error and correct it.


The program is very easy to use.  You can choose from one of 3 games:


Tynker Games for learning #computerprogramming #STEM


The Tynker iPad app contains puzzles that children solve by programming visual code blocks to achieve a goal.


  1. Puppy Adventure – Your child will use logic and loop variations to help Pixel, the lost puppy, find his way home.
  2. Lost in Space –  Your child will learn more advanced programming concepts like conditional logic and apply spatial orientation skills to lead astronaut Biff to his moon base avoiding asteroids and black holes.  Lost In Space has 3 different modules.
    1. Crash Landed – Your child will move the Biff to an object.
    2. Lockdown – Your child will open a safe (reveling the contents inside) by getting a combination (like a lock).
    3. Into the void – Your child will collect objects on the way to a moon base camp.
  3. Sketch Racer – Your child will program Snap The Turtle to draw complex geometric shapes using simple commands.  Sketch Races has 2 modules
    1. Sketch Racer Shapes – your child will give the program directions to trace shapes.
    2. Colors and Shapes – Your child will trace shapes and fill in colors


How does your child complete the tasks?  With Logic Blocks.

Logic blocks @gotynker help kids learn #computerprogramming logically #kidfriendly #STEM


Tynker’s visual programming language makes it easy for children to get started with programming by simply dragging and dropping visual blocks to build a program.


Tynker is fun, it’s engaging, it’s addicting, it helps to develop very important skills, and it gets kids interested in computer programming.  Tynker is a kid-friendly STEM activity.

You can download Tynker free at the app store here.

Is your child interested in computer programming?

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  1. Thanks! I’ll have to try this one with my kids. We tried a computer programming course last year, and it didn’t go over well. :/
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  2. I had no idea such an app existed! My son is really into Tower Defense right now, but I would love to get him off that one. We’re going to give this one a try.
    Lauralee Moss recently posted…Kitchen RulesMy Profile

  3. It reminds me of Scratch!
    PragmaticMom recently posted…10 Multicultural Picture Books to Sing from JbraryMy Profile

    • Yes, it’s very very similar, isn’t it? This one (at least the ipad app) is more game oriented rather than making mazes. The computer program though – you can make your own games and such (like scratch).

      I guess people are seeing the importance of logic games on the computer!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool Link-Up – Week 25My Profile

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