Velvet Caviar: The Cell Phone Accessories to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Have you ever arrived at the gym and realized you don’t have any charge on your cell phone?

That happens to me ALL THE TIME!  I say to myself, but I just took it out of the charger, or it was full when I left the house.


So many things happen with the kids, getting them ready, posting on FB or Instagram.  Typically, I’m rushing out of the house, just trying to get to the gym on time for a class, or so that I have enough time to complete my workout.  I write all of my workouts on using the notes app, and time them with a timer, on my phone.  I mean, my rest periods are golden.  If I’m doing a conditioning workout, I need my 30/60/90 second timers with appropriate rest.  If my cell phone dies while at the gym…it’s happened, and I don’t even want to tell you how angry I was.


Velvet Caviar

This is where Velvet Caviar comes in, and rescues me!

Have you heard of them?  I hadn’t, and boy, am I glad I learned.  Velvet Caviar produces high quality cell phone accessories to keep the active man/woman/child active, on the go, and connected; never mind looking sharp in the process!  They offer high quality, pretty cell phone stands, covers, and on the go chargers that help you protect your devices!


Just the charger alone has saved me a million times – in many situations, and I have only had it for a month.

I plug it in every single night.  It’s easy, I just connect it to my computer, and as long as my computer is on, it charges.



There are 4 indicator dots which tell you how much charge the charger has.  When all dots are blue, your battery is full of charge!  It takes about an hour to fully charge the battery and you are ready to go!

You can turn on and off the battery easily with a click (or double-click) of a button.  And really, you don’t have to turn it on.  Just plug-in the phone and it turns on automatically!

The charger has two cell phone adapters.  One will work for the iPhone/iPad devices, and the other, for Android devices!  Personally speaking, I have charged my cell phone and my bluetooth ear phones, at the same time!

Gotta keep the music flowing through the workout!

Yeah, it was a bad day for me!  🙂




To fully charge my iPhone, it takes about 3 indicator dots and less than an hour.  If I am at the gym, I just run it right off the battery.  The charger is slim enough to fit in my “around the arm” case together with the phone!

I have never been disappointed.  My workouts are rockin’, all the time!

It’s fantastic!

Your tastes and styles are probably different from mine.  I’m sort of a “Plain Jane.”  Luckily, they have great stands/ring holders and iPhone/Android phone covers to match any personality!




You can mix and match or match and match!  They have some really cute new stuff too, that you should check out!

Visit Velvet Caviar on the web!


Do you have problems staying connected while on the go, or is this just a “me” thing?

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