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I was shocked and honored to log on to my Facebook page on Thursday and learn that I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Ginger at The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingersnaps.   Being a pretty new blogger, I didn’t know much about blogger to blogger awards, but am honored to be considered.

The rules of this award are the following…

  1. Share 7 things about myself
  2. Nominate 7 others for this award

As to not be too boring, I will try to share some things about myself that I have never shared before.

  1. My Mom died on December 15, 2011.  She was the closest person to me.  She lived in Minnesota.  We are unsure of the circumstances surrounding her death.  I was the one who called her and couldn’t get in touch (we talked several times a day).  I asked a neighbor to go over, and then called an ambulance.  As some background…she would come to our house during the summers to help me take care of the kids while I worked my wedding business.  One summer, she complained of tingling in her legs and bottom.  That summer, she started falling over and by the end of the summer she was wheelchair bound.  None of the doctors could figure it out – but I really don’t think they tried.  She got worse and worse with pain.  Fall of 2011, she began being breathless.  She thought it was anxiety, and now – after the fact, I think she was throwing clots due to the lack of leg movement.  The doctors did not help her.  She died suddenly – and did not suffer.  I think about her constantly.
  2. I was first clarinet in my Jr. High Band.
  3. I graduated Valedictorian from my high school class.  I got into all of the colleges I applied to (Middlebury, Smith, Wellesley, Swarthmore, Bowdoin, and St. Catherines)
  4. I attended a science and Math magnet program in high school, graduated Cum Laude from Smith College and went on to get an MS from Brown University in Cellular and Molecular Biology.
  5. I didn’t like laboratory science (and the laboratory didn’t like me).
  6. My husband was my first and only boyfriend.  We dated 7 years before we married.
  7. I grew up knowing that there was a God – but I wasn’t religious.  I didn’t like attending church.

This one is going to be a lot more difficult.  To nominate only 7 people that inspire me – is impossible.  In the last 3 months of blogging , I have met some AMAZING women – that are not only awe-inspiring, beautiful (inside and out), intelligent, and are awesome Mothers and People – but they know a whole heck of a lot more than I do!  To come up with only 7 is difficult- but I will give it a shot.

Here are my 7 nominations of awe-inspiring women (in no particular order)!

  1. Jennifer at Marine, Wife, Mommy, and Life  Great blogger, great friend, great blog hops! @Marinewife8
  2. Mia at Pragmatic Mom She knows everything KidLit and a very successful blogger!  @pragmaticmom
  3. Jeanette at Artchoo  She does everything Art.  If you need an inspiring art project, she is the go-to gal! She is wonderful and has great ideas!  Just check out her pinterest boards!  WOW!  @artchootwit
  4. Cool Mom Not only does she allow her Dog and Cat to use her computer to write a book – she is really in touch with everything MOM!  The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets  is a definite read for kids.  My kids love it!  @StanleyNKatrina
  5. Mary Catherine at Fun-A-Day Great activities for kids.  I really love her for homeschooling resources. @Fun_A_Day
  6. Stephanie  of Year Around Giving She is always giving back.  She has a true heart, and can teach us all about philanthropy @yearroundgiving
  7. Anne of Zephyer Hill Blog  Not only is this Mama all the know about anything cloth, she’s all the know about anything kid.  If it’s been made, she has probably reviewed it!  @zephyrhillblog

You need to connect with all of these people.  They are wonderful!



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  1. I really enjoyed learning more about you! I adore Pragmatic Mom and Artchoo – I’ll have to look for the other blogs you mentioned!
    maryanne recently posted…Kumon Folding BooksMy Profile

  2. Congratulations on winning the award! They are always cool to receive :). Thanks for sharing this @ The Show Off Blog Party!
    Jessica recently posted…Precious Little MomentsMy Profile

  3. You are so sweet to put me on that list. It feels a bit odd since I’m truly the technical support for that blog (other than the book reviews) but I do enjoy commenting everywhere very much and love assisting a very talented dog and cat! Thank you for the wonderful shout out. Honored to be in such great company. I look forward to checking out the few that I have not visited as of yet.

    I love learning more about you. Impressive schooling – I know who to go to with science and math questions. 🙂 I also adore that you shared about you and your hubby.

    You most definitely deserve the nomination. I Love your blog. Thank you for the wonderful support of Stanley & Katrina’s book!

    Happy Monday.
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…Pet Projects: Lions and Martians Looking at the Same Piece of Food is Quite a PredicamentMy Profile

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