Please Stop! It’s not about the Food: Secrets to my 160 lbs. Weight Loss

I have heard so many people say, “why don’t they just stop stuffing food down their pie-hole?”

These are words from a person who is clueless.  Food is the symptom of a bigger problem.  I fed myself excessively because of low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness, sadness and self-loathing.  I used food to replace something that was missing in my life; self-love, and the love and respect from others.

Self-feeding was making me sick, making me feel worse about myself, and contributing the feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness.

It was a vicious cycle.

When I recognized what was going on, I stopped “trying” to lose weight, and started on the hard work of repairing what was really wrong with me – in my head, I saw real change. 

Lasting change.



The problems with being fat

There is a lot of stigma associated to being fat, despite the fact that America has a high fat population.  I don’t think anyone would choose to be 150 lbs. overweight.  I really don’t.  Why would they?

What, people like shopping in a specialty stores (selling polyester and styles for old ladies), and spending more money buying clothes?  People really enjoy looking in the mirror?  Really? 

I didn’t.

I am sure the harassment from the doctor is a big reason for wanting to stay fat.  You go in for a cold and they blame your fatness.  They blame your fatness for everything.


And when your significant other gives you an ultimatum, I’m sure that feels spectacular.  Or, when someone won’t pick you for a team, or someone won’t allow you to show your abilities,  or the constant judgement.

The high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease were my top reasons for wanting to be fat.


There is a bigger problem in the works.  I didn’t think about getting heart disease.  I knew I didn’t want to die like my parents did, but when I self-  fed, I didn’t think about diabetes.


The secret to losing the fat for good (sorry to all of you who have something to sell)

My weight loss journey wasn’t about losing weight.

Please stop with the meal replacements.  Just stop it! It really isn’t about the weight.  And it isn’t about meal replacements, freeze-dried sodium filled processed meals that are delivered to your door, or micro-greens.

Yes, I obviously lost weight. That’s clear. But there have been more than a few times in my life that I tried to lose weight and was unsuccessful. Either, I wouldn’t lose anything or I would gain back what I lost plus 20 lbs. I’m sure you know or have heard the story.

What something like this is really about – It’s a state of mind.  A sick mind begat a sicker body.

Being able to successfully lose weight is about a changing of thought patterns. I almost think the chemistry of my brain changed.


Yesterday I decided I was going to have some pecan pie. I had a sliver with my homemade yogurt and granola and was done with it. I wasn’t tempted. I didn’t even want anymore. I went back for seconds – for more yogurt and my homemade granola.

It’s the mind that changes – and what results is a change in the body. 

Lasting change.

Before she died, I remember my mother saying to me, “Lisa, it’s hard to live that way because nobody lives that way.” She was sooooo right.

I am forging my own path. I am creating a new life and I have never ever been happier.

I have lost a few friends, but I don’t really think they were friends in the first place – not really. How could they be?

I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I live strongly for the things that I believe are right and good. I live my life for me – and sometimes that means putting me first…without guilt.

That’s what needed to happen.

And there lies the secret to my 160 lbs. weight loss.

Do you have weight loss goals?  I would love to hear.



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