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Energy Savings - Refrigerator

Look familiar?  This happens at my house – a lot.  My son does it.  My daughter does it.  My husband does it.  I do it.  And as we know, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree – The baby tries to do it as well.

It’s ye old timeless “What is there to eat in here? Let’s stand here and browse for a few minutes

Do you know what happens when the refrigerator door is left open?

  • Cold air exits the refrigerator and warm air enters.
  • To maintain the temperature necessary to keep our foods fresh, the compressor turns on
  • The temperature begins to normalize – until someone else does the “Let’s Stand Here and Browse for a few Minutes”.

How much energy do you think it takes the refrigerator to maintain it’s temperature after 5 people leave the door open for minutes at a time?

Can you believe that refrigerator and freezer door openings account for 7% of their total energy use?  Each opening costs an average of 50-120 kWh a year (The Daily Green).  50kWh saved can run your dishwasher 20 times.  100kWh saved could wash 50 loads of clothes.

It makes sense to be mindful of what you are doing.  It’s an easy tip.  Just make sure that you are not (unnecessarily) opening your refrigerator door – and keeping it open for extended periods of time.

To battle the demon – think before action.  Think about what you are going to get before opening the door.  If you don’t have a plan, don’t open the door.

It’s simple, right?

Do you realize that a great deal of our money is spent in excess energy use in the kitchen?  One thing to consider – when you have to replace appliances or are upgrading your kitchen- is replace them with energy star appliances.  Some of the energy efficient models – like Whirlpool or Bosch can save you up to 30% more energy than the standard refrigerator models.  If you want to see how much an energy star rated refrigerator could save you, go to the calculator…

Energy Star Refrigerators can help to save you and the Environment

Outright, they cost more.  Often store incentives and rebates are available that make the hefty price tag a bit easier to swallow.

What ideas have you incorporated in the last year that has saved energy – thus money?

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  1. hubby fights me on this, but I try to unplug everything we can when not in use…hubby has a tantrum claiming it does NOT save money and says it wastes his time. LOL
    karen recently posted…Cancelled????My Profile

    • I think every little thing helps, Karen. It really does. If everybody unplugged something – it would amount to a lot.

      Great job for being so mindful! Keep it up.
      Lisa recently posted…Buxom Set GiveawayMy Profile

    • I’m with you Karen. I too have a habit of unplugging anything not in use, like the can opener, night lights, etc…. Just as Lisa says, “Every little thing helps!”
      Tati (Writer Mom) recently posted…My Homemade Pregnancy Test {Gone Wrong!}My Profile

      • That is so good Tati! Every little bit does help.

        One thing that has been brought to light to me – just in sharing an eco friendly post on Google Plus – is that people seem to want you to jump in with both feet when it comes to being eco friendly. How is one (who is not living eco friendly) supposed to transition so fast? It’s almost as if – if you are not doing it all the way – then I’m going to slam you to the ground.

        Nobody slammed me, but that’ almost what they were saying.

        It’s my opinion that there are shades of gray. I think if you take a little step – it makes a big impact. If everyone just took a little step – things would get better. I firmly believe that.

        Post time!

        Thanks so much for stopping by Tati! I feel blessed that we have found each other. You are truly amazing and awe inspiring! I am looking forward to learning more and more about you and your family!

        Have a wonderful Sunday and a great start to the “work” week!
        Lisa recently posted…Books We are Reading This Summer 1My Profile

  2. Hi, I have managed to recycle a lot more. I try to keep lights off in rooms that I am not using. I keep the air set at 72. I trying to think about what I want before I open the refrigerator door to save energy. These are small steps, but they are steps in the right directions. Enjoyed your post today. I was already a followerer, but I am co-hosting the Climb today.
    Mary-andering Creatively recently posted…Organizational Monday: Looking at Goals for WeekMy Profile

    • Hey Mary,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, you are making little steps – but they are important ones. If everybody committed to only just one little step – we would be in an amazing place right now.

      I think what you are doing is wonderful! You should be very proud about the contribution that you are making!

      Have a wonderful night and great rest of the week!
      Lisa recently posted…Buxom Set GiveawayMy Profile

    • Small steps! That’s my family to a “t”. My toddler has just discovered the light switch and door bell. The green me is yelling to stop turning things on! The mom in me wins and just redirects her endless energy supply to something else. If only I could bottle her energy!
      Cristina recently posted…A Letter To My DaughterMy Profile

      • Hey Christina,

        Wouldn’t it be nice to bottle their energy? I could use some – most definitely!

        Good for you for redirecting. I think my people would get fed up. Redirection is a great idea! Thanks so much for your comment!
        Lisa recently posted…BlogTwit Love Hop – Week 3My Profile

  3. There are four adults in my home that drive me nuts with this! Myself included. If we’re not shuffling things around, we’re standing there with no hope as to what we want to eat. A great feature on our fridge is that it beeps after a certain time. However, we’ve all figured out how to reset the timer without closing the door.

    • Haha! We all have things we need to work on.

      You know, I love blogging because it makes me think of things I normally wouldn’t think of. I never thought about how much energy i waste looking in the fridge. I just never considered it.

      Being mindful of the things you do is a good thing!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and also for your comment!

      Have a wonderful night!
      Lisa recently posted…Buxom Set GiveawayMy Profile

      • Blogging has become my second journal. It has taught me a lot about myself. Whenever I read a post or a journal entry, I can almost always answer questions or see areas of improvement! Love your blog BTW!
        Cristina recently posted…A Letter To My DaughterMy Profile

      • Yes. Really nice comment, Christina!

        Blogging opens up possibilities and expands my mind. Really, it has. Most of my ideas have not worked, and that’s okay – because from each and every experience, I take more out of it.

        One day, i will actually have a good idea! Can’t wait!

        Thanks so much for stopping by!
        Lisa recently posted…BlogTwit Love Hop – Week 3My Profile

  4. Great reminder, we probably don’t even realize we are doing it and other similar things.
    My fridge is an energy star and and starts to beep when. It is open too long which is great!
    I also see our power company gives rebates for energy saving improvements you make to your home which is something we should all take advantage of!
    Ann recently posted…Fog ArtMy Profile

  5. Oh, that has indeed become a habit in the family. Would it help to put a lock on it? HA! Kidding aside, it takes a lot of self- control and reminder not to unnecessarily open the fridge.
    James recently posted…Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home in Plano TXMy Profile

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