What Shakeology® Is (and Is Not)

What is shakeology (and what it's not) #health #fitness #21dfx


When I started The 21 Day Fix, I was absolutely against trying Shakeology®.  Why?  It was my thought if I was going to lose weight and keep it off, that I would need to learn how to eat, which meant eating “real” food all the time.

Plus, shakes?  I don’t like malts and I don’t like milkshakes, so I was positive I wouldn’t like Shakeology®.

I had a lot of misconceptions about Shakeology®.

Here are some truths about Shakeology®.

  • In one shake, you will receive 70 superfoods, your probiotic, your multivitamin and your sugar craving satisfied for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, or a meal at Dunkin Donuts – and it’s 100X healthier!
  • Shakeology® is delicious.  There are thousands of recipes to give you variety and keep you happy.  For me, it’s like having dessert.  I don’t need any other sweet stuff.
  • You can stop spending money on the multi-vitamins, omega-3’s and probiotics that probably are not working anyway.  Take a look at this article on the case against multi-vitamins.
  • When combined with a solid clean eating program, 30 minutes of daily  exercise, and a solid accountability group, you will lose weight, get healthier, get stronger and look better.
  • Get rid of those nasty tums.  Your digestion will improve through drinking Shakeology® daily.
  • 1 shake is 9 servings of fruits/vegetables
  • Shakeology® comes in 7 great flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Greenbery, Vanilla, Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Tropical Strawberry, and now Coffee Latte!).
  • All nutrients are in their most bio-available form (which means they can be absorbed and used by the body) – which is unlike any over the counter multivitamin.
  • Clean whole-food nutrition
  • A filling meal


What Shakeology® is not.

  • A diet drink.  While you can replace a meal to promote weight loss, Shakeology® not a diet shake.  It’s whole food nutrition.  Even if you are looking to get ripped, or bulk up – the pure ingredients are for you.  Drink it as a snack daily to get the full advantage.
  • A protein shake.  With 70 superfoods, probiotics, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes, protein, essential amino acids, adaptogen herbs and more – it’s 100x better and more nutritious than any protein shake on the market
  • Filled with junk.  There are no additives, sugar, or junk.  It’s the most high quality nutrition shake on the market today.


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  1. Never heard for this before. I am not a big fan of veggies so this is a great alternative to get nutrients along with some digestive benefits.
    Minh recently posted…I no longer JUDGE other parents!My Profile

  2. sounds like it’s really working for you and quite healthy. You look great.
    karen canino recently posted…Book Review: Playing With FireMy Profile

  3. I’ve thought about Shakeology but I haven’t made my mind up yet. It sounds delicious though and week doesn’t want chocolate for breakfast?!
    Leslie recently posted…The House That Built MeMy Profile

  4. Though I have a hard time drinking shakes, I have heard great things about Shakeology. Thank you so much for giving such detailed information on it.
    Regan recently posted…How and Where to Register for Cloth Diapers (US)My Profile

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