What’s on the Radio in Your House?

I’m sitting here thinking about good pop music (with great beats) that is safe for kids to listen to.  Really, there must be some that’s not Christian – or so boring nobody can (or wants to) dance to.  Who wants to chaperon a dance and listen to…

1.  How some guy wanted to look at a little girl’s “Junk Junk”
2.  Or how she grabbed a “bottle of Jack” on the way out the door
3.  Or how a some 16 year old teen had sex and got pregnant

Come on now, really?

I’m not 100% positive about what Junk Junk is – but I think I have a good idea – and I’m not liking the message of it being looked at by some random dude, you know what I mean?  Those types of messages creep into kids heads.

But the beat is phenom and all the cool kids are listening/dancing to it!

So, I’m thinking – certainly, that good beats with positive messages (or at least ones that don’t end in pregnancy, death or acquiring a STD) must exist.  The kind of music that you can go into a mall music store (do they have those anymore?), buy, put in your CD player/or upload to an ipod, and put in the car.  There must be a radio station you can turn on to be able to listen to upbeat music.  You know, music you can bob your head to. Oh yeah, and most importantly, the kind that you can play if you have a friend in the car.

Well, here are a few that we crank up the volume on and bob our heads to in our minivan!

Katy Perry – Firework
Colbie Caillat – Brighter than the Sun
Ester Dean – Let it Grow
REM – Shiny Happy People
Selena Gomez – Live Like There’s No Tomorrow
Keke Palmer – We Are Family
Scatman John – Scatman’s World

Here are just a few I pulled from my ipod.  I’m certainly not an expert in the psychological impact of pop music – but I can listen to these and not cringe.

They are Lisa Nelson approved!

Do you have any to add?  I would absolutely love to hear them!  Comment and tell me.  I will pin them, tweet them, download them and tell the world – that there is good music for cool kids (even teens)!  Music that kids really want to listen to!

Please comment and tell me cause I really really want to know!


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