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My Story

In 2014 I weighed-in at my most heaviest, a whopping 300 lbs., there was nothing I could think more of than eating.  I ate all the time.  I ate breakfast, I ate lunch, I ate dinner, and I think I invented meals in between.  I ate because I was tired, I ate because I was stressed, I ate because I was hurt, I ate because I was bored, I ate, and ate and ate.  And I didn’t eat good food.  I hate horrible things like oreo cookies (a lot of them), and donuts, and chips, and nachos, and…and…and.

I was taught to eat, and I was the master at it.  The food satisfied everything that was wrong with my life, and my body not only showed it, but added to my depressed mood.

There was no way I could ever think of not eating.  The idea of not eating…are you kidding me?

Getting high blood pressure, and on the verge of being diabetic, luckily, I had my wits about me and I started a change.

I started with the 21 Day Fix, where I ate 6 small meals a day.  Due to virtually cutting my calories wayyyy back, and to clean eating, I lost 70 lbs.  Then I got pregnant, continued the clean eating and daily exercise throughout my 42 week pregnancy.  I continued with the 21 Day Fix throughout the next year breastfeeding, but couldn’t lose a pound, which I attribute to hormonal reasons.  Some women can’t lose while nursing, and I, unfortunately, was one of those women.

Desperate to lose weight, I came into fasting – and It changed my life.

Why I Fast


First and foremost, I want an effective way to lose fat.  Even 70 lbs lighter, plain and simple, I needed to lose weight.  But I wanted to do it in a way that worked with the natural way my body works.  Rather than trying to trick it, and force it, I wanted to use the natural systems to lose weight healthily and forever.

That’s why I choose to fast.  It uses my body’s own fat-loss system, perfectly designed.

Human Growth Hormone

Did you know that fasting causes an increase in Human Growth Hormone?  The increase in Human Growth Hormone activates the body’s own fat loss system, by increasing lean muscle gains.  Lean muscle burns more calories than fat – leading to not only a leaner body, but one that weighs less.


Insulin is a funny little hormone.  When fasting, insulin decreases.  Why is this important?  When you eat, insulin increases in the bloodstream to help break down the food you just ate.  When its all broken down, insulin then decreases.  Have you ever taken one of those glucose tolerance tests?  You fast for the test.  Your fasting blood glucose levels are taken, you drink this awful sugar drink (that gives you a headache, nausea, and diarrhea a few hours later), and wait an hour to measure your blood glucose again.  If your blood sugar goes back to baseline, your islet cells (pancreas cells which release insulin) are working well.   They are doing their job.  If your blood sugar remains high, you have problems (AKA Diabetes).

So, if insulin is doing its job, it breaks down the sugar from the meal that you just ate, and the rest is stored in you liver in the form of glycogen.  This glycogen is your store of energy to keep your body alive in the case of food shortage, or while you sleep, or until your next meal.

When you sleep for 7-8 hours at night, your body goes into the fasting state.  This means that all of the sugar from your last meal is broken down and your body is relying on the stored glycogen in your liver to keep you alive.

If you eat breakfast the next morning, your insulin will start doing it’s job, breaking down the sugar and the cycle will continue.  If you continue in the fasted state (meaning you chose not to eat breakfast), insulin will remain low (because there is no sugar that needs to be broken down).  Your body will first resort to the stored glycogen in your liver for energy.  When that stored energy is depleted (or when you prematurely deplete it by training in the fasted state), it starts breaking down stored fat for energy.

Horray!  Directed fat loss without resorting to diets, processed pre-made food, pills, and surgery.

Fat is actually an awesome source of energy with 3,500 calories released per lb. of fat.

Health Benefits

I was created when two of the unhealthiest people found each other, got married, and mated.  Some people have long-lived relatives, and others like me, have extremely short-lived relatives.

Needless to say, I’m a mosh of very short-lived, unhealthy DNA, and benefit greatly from fasting!


Fasting has been shown in mice and humans to be beneficial in Cardiovascular and brain health.

For lack of a better word, it was a no-brainer for me!

Periods of fasting and feeding has been shown to increase life span in mice.  Without change in weight, mice who were given the same amount of food – lived longer when allowed to fast and then eat within a shorter period of time.

There are also benefits with blood sugar metabolism, insulin sensitivity (many obese people are insulin resistant, and have a hard time losing excess weight), energy and more.

It’s Easy

It’s so much easier to stay out of the kitchen, then to worry about  6 meals a day everyday.  Not only do I save money by abstaining, but I save a lot of time.

Easy is really important.  I don’t have to go to the gym, pack-up the kids, sacrifice school and exercise for even an hour.  30 minutes or less (sometimes 10-20 minutes a day) of high interval training will do it.

When I’m not busy stuffing my face full of food, it’s amazing what I can accomplish.  Fasting gives me mental clarity.


My Fasting Story

I lose 1-2 lbs. every week, which by most standards is normal.  I fast for the majority of the day and only eat 2 hours in the evening.  I eat one satisfying meal that is loaded with the correct amounts of carbs, fats and protein.

I eat everyday but am considering doing a longer fast periodically.


The Fasting Story Gets more Complicated

I have tried to simplify, but the fasting story gets more complicated and fascinating at the same time.

Over the next few months, I will be talking about other important players.

Be what it may, it makes a lot of sense.  Personally speaking, fasting has helped to repair a body damaged from years of irresponsible overeating.  I have benefited greatly, in weight loss, strength, energy, and efficiency from this new non-plan.

Have you tried daily fasting?



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  1. I haven’t commented on one of your actual posts in a while, lovely lady. I don’t know why, but here I am today! First, I think fasting is beneficial and I like how you highlighted some reasons you fast and how it works for you. Hun, who works a strenuously physically femanding job, fasts all day. He only eats dinner when he comes home and then something else a couple hours later. It’s his way, has been since we met. I, on the other hand, don’t have a fasting plan, per second, though I will sometimes go hours and hours between meals. Sometimes I simply don’t want to go through the hassle of stopping, prepring, and eating. Nonetheless, it’s nice to now know some of the actual processes that go on in the body with fasting! πŸ™‚

    • And…that’s why I was 300 lbs. and you are not.


      Really, our bodies are not made to eat multiple times a day.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s so nice to see you here.
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      • I think it’s quite interesting that the oft mentioned way is to eat small meals multiple times a day, but there is research which shows how unnecessary that can be. Personally, depending on what/how/when I eat, I can easily eat one meal a day and feel great. Other times, I find the need to eat more often or at least ensure I’m getting some form of nutrition. Sometimes just eating makes me feel a bit off. Nonetheless, I will say I have some genes that have definitely contributed to me not being too heavy. πŸ™‚

  2. Definitely gonna need more info

  3. Charlene Hayes says:

    I like the idea of fasting, your right, it does keep me out of the kitchen, it’ cleaner in kitchen, and I so far have more energy. Can you tell me what you do on a daily basis, with some ideas for meals and for making it through the day. I stated yesterday. And for dinner I ate salad, with spinach, letttuce, cucubers, and tomatoes. I also had a smoothie in the morning, consisting of organic cocunut milk, kale, and juice plus protein, Before I was consipated, these last two days have turned that around. I feel like taking dog for walk. I feel like going to gym. Tell me more. Besides water/lemon, water, smoothie, what else do you drink in morning and day.

  4. I haven’t but now I am curious!
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