Why Kids Should “Science” More

Science is one of the few subjects that answer children’s questions about their environment and where different things come from. In schools, science is one of the most important subjects because it enables students to learn different facts, work on numerous projects that help develop cognitive ability and most importantly it teaches life skills that children can carry throughout their lives.

Through different science projects, students are challenged to think critically to solve different problems presented to them. Succeeding in such situations not only builds confidence but also boosts their resilience by pushing them to try out even more challenging tasks.

Science is not only about burning chemicals in test tubes. It is much more than that. Children get to learn about different theories; they get to feel important trying to come up with different solutions that could hopefully one day change the world.

You can start teaching your children science by using simple methods like science kits, fun home experiments and reading simple science kids’ books.

So what are the life skills that science can teach? Check out the following infographic put together by psychology and science website psysci and read about just 8 of them:


Why kids should study #science more #STEM


It’s my personal belief that science and math, along with art should be taught all years K-12 to every student.  They can choose 1 or 2 electives based on their interests, but each student shouldn’t have a choice in getting a strong base in science and math.

Do you offer a rigorous science program in your homeschool?

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  1. Love all the inspiring and awesome experiments you can do in science, then learning why is that happens…well nothing better than increasing your knowledge
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