With My Daughter to See Hilary Hahn at the Kennedy Center

Yesterday night was special.  My husband gave my daughter and I boxed seats at a wonderful concert for Valentines Day.  Since Ava is a budding concert violinist, he gave us tickets to see  Hilary Hahn at the Kennedy Center.

She is absolutely AMAZING.  She’s from Baltimore – so local to us.  She is a prodigy – starting with Suzuki at an early age, she moved to regular lessons shortly after when her unusually amazing talent was recognized.  At the ripe old age of 33, she has been recording albums for 16 years!  Can you believe that?  She started recording albums at the age of 17.  Amazing!

She is the whole package.  She is an amazing talent, stunningly beautiful inside and out – and able to make magic with her violin – Hilary was a treat for both of us.

Hilary Hahn Well – at least me.  Ava was very excited the entire day.  We walked in, walked through the hall of Nations, and into the Concert Hall.  Ava begin playing and moving around.  The concert started and we had the treat of hearing her play….

Corelli Sonata No. 4 in F Major, Op. 5






Ava was fidgeting, moving her chair around – and being an all around disruptive patron.  I made her sit down in her chair, and that’s when it all broke loose.  She started crying (very loudly) in the concert.  I was so embarrassed.  I quickly rustled her out and into the bathroom.

That was the end of our perfect night – or so I thought.

We watched the rest of the concert outside the hall on a TV screen.  During intermission, we went to get some drinks, walk around and talk.  I decided I wasn’t going back in there – simply because I didn’t feel like getting all the glassy stares.  So, we stayed outside to watch.  Of course, the sound stopped working so I was watching Hilary perform sans sound.  Perfect, eh?

Just perfect.

They had a fun mirror at the end of the hall that Ava played in front of.

The sound came back after 15 minutes.  So here we are – having boxed seats at the Kennedy Center – playing in front of the fun mirror at the Hilary Hahn concert.

I can’t imagine a more perfect evening!

Picture of Hilary Hahn

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  1. I’m glad you were able to salvage the evening! Hillary Hahn is amazing.

    • Hey there, Thanks for stopping by. Hilary is absolutely amazing. My husband and I saw her about 8-10 years ago and she was amazing. She was even more amazing on Saturday. She never disappoints, does she?

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