Wool and Bamboo Squishiness

Since becoming a cloth diapering mommy – about 4 years ago – I have really come to know the many benefits of wool and bamboo.  I love them so much, I could just swaddle myself in it!

Not only is it sustainable and 100% natural – they are both antibacterial and anti fungal.  If I leave my cotton diapies in the pail too long, they will begin to mold.  Not the case with my 100% bamboo diapers.  Plus they are so easy to take care of.

Bamboo is much more absorbent than cotton, so less layers are needed to get higher absorbency.  So, that makes for what?  Trimmer diapies!  Yes, you still get a cute little fluffy butt – but not as big as a fluffy butt!

Wool, is absolutely amazing.  So easy to take care of, and with lanolin, makes any diaper bullet proof.

Cloth diapering aside, wool and bamboo make excellent choices for pants, shirts, long under ware, blankets and the like.  The high absorbency properties and breathability makes the person wearing it cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.  They are durable and can stand up to the most active rough and tumble play!

It’s awesome!  Really.

Check out these hand dyed pants I made from bamboo and wool!

The Merino wool pants are on the left (natural with a special green trim).  The bamboo and wool pants are on the right (bamboo with a Merino wool upper).

These pants were made from the Apple Dumpling Gear pattern.


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