You Are What you Eat

I spent my entire childhood with people who ate for pleasure, ate for comfort, ate because of sadness, ate because life is hard and unfair, ate to acquire happiness, ate because the food was good, ate out of boredom, and ate to celebrate.  They just ate…ate…and ate more food.

All of those people are dead now.  My father died at 63 after a massive heart attack (he had several small ones over the years and did nothing).  My mother died at 72, from a mystery illness – they labeled neuropathy.  My uncle died at 48 due to a massive heart attack due to uncontrolled diabetes, another uncle had a massive heart attack in a casino, while he was gambling.

That’s just on one side of the family.  I could go on like this for 5-more minutes.

You get the point, right?

I know about food and our society, and I am speaking out against it.  What we consume affects us.  It affects our health through chronic conditions, it affects our self esteem, it affects our bodies (in how much weight we carry), it affects our minds, and it affects our outlook on life.

We are, in essence, what we eat. I have a strong testimony for this.

The Keto Experiment

About two years ago, I went keto for a year, and learned more than I thought I would learn from the process.  Back then, I wanted to lose my butt.  I wanted a smaller butt, and thought that the lack of carbs would do that for me.  One day, I decided that I was going ultra low carb.

I was surprised by the results.

I had been a sufferer (for a long time) of chronic allergies.  Sneezing and congestion was the norm, not an exception.  I would have multiple sneezing fits a day.  I was thinking about taking allergy shots, it got so bad.

At this time, I had already been on a caloric deficit for a while, and had lost well over 100 lbs, but still struggled with allergies; taking meds to combat it every single day.

One day, I decided that my butt was too big and fat, and I went Keto.

Overnight, my allergies disappeared.

Poof, gone.

Never to be seen again – for the entire year I was keto.  In fact, I didn’t get sick with a cold, or deal with seasonal allergies at all.

I was like, whoa…all this happened overnight!

It was crazy!

In fact, I was never healthier, than I was when I was keto.  The fat life, was the life – or so I thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting a keto lifestyle.  While I loved the keto life, there were some major drawbacks, which I will talk about in another post.

I am not keto now, and even though I dream about going back (every single night), I will not go back – and would advise people who just want to lose weight ( who don’t have a chronic illness to warrant a ketogenic diet) and are considering keto for weight loss, to think again.

What Keto Taught Me

I was eating 20g of total carbs a day.  That’s really low.  I don’t think my results were the result of eating ulta low-carb, per se.  For instance, me not eating quinoa, it didn’t make a difference.  I think (and I have no scientific evidence to support this), that some of the carbs I eliminated: sugar (big one), skin on fruits, some tropical fruits  (maybe) – those things that are more inflammatory, caused my allergy results – rather than it being a total carbohydrate issue.

Largely, I think it was the sugar that was causing my problems.  I was counting macros, but still eating items which contained refined sugar (cakes, brownies, cookies, gummy bears) on occasion, and these things were causing my chronic symptoms.

I’m enjoying carbs now, and while I am not problem-free – some of the seasonal allergies are back, I don’t take medication daily for allergies – unless I am in a dust-filled environment – I am much healthier and happier than I was pre-keto.  Much healthier.

I still count macros, but do not consume, or severely limit my consumption of refined sugars.  I do enjoy fiber-rich baked goods made with raw honey, sweet potatoes, fruits without the skin, rolled oats, white rice, bread, couscous, quinoa, etc.

So while I am enjoying carbs, and using them to achieve my health and fitness goals, I am not suffering with allergies, bloating, painful menstrual cramps, chronic sickness/disease, low-energy, high/low blood pressure, cholesterol, blood or blood sugar problems.

In fact, my kids are all sick now.  The virus tried to attack my body, and I felt it trying to make me sick, but my body took control, and I am fine.

A stomach virus whipped through my house.  Everyone fell ill, except me, who was around everyone catching vomit and cleaning up.  Even my husband was sick.

There is a Difference

I don’t care what anybody says, there is a difference when you eat within proportion and feed your body the vitamins, minerals, and fiber it needs to function at it’s best.

People don’t immediately think that the food they eat is what is making them sick.  Weight-loss isn’t the only benefit to responsible, healthy eating.  If you want to heal, look to what you are eating, first and foremost.  Likely, there is something you are fueling yourself with, that’s making you sick.
Has changing what you eat affected your health and/or well-being?

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