You Are What your Grandparents Ate


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If you knew that what you ate, not only affected the health of your children, but also your grandchildren, would that change your view on food, nutrition, and how you choose to fuel your body?

I think most “normal” people think about the here and now.  When choosing whether they are going to have the bagel with cream cheese, the cheeseburger from McDonald’s, or the slice of pizza from Domino’s, they think they want to be happy now, and that food makes them happy.

Okay.  They have the “right now plan.”

Fair enough.  Food makes them happy.

Good thing I’m not normal.

I looked to my parents, uncles and aunts and noticed what they were going through.  My father had multiple heart attacks, finally, one massive one taking his life one day.  I saw the pain he lived with every single day.  I saw multiple uncles and aunts suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure.  2 of my uncles died suddenly of massive heart attacks. I saw my mother suffer from high blood pressure and illness, extreme anxiety and depression – and then I saw myself.  I was morbidly obese, depressed, suffering from high blood pressure and on the verge of having diabetes.

My grandparents were obese, suffered strokes, heart attack, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, diabetes, and the list goes on and on and on.

I looked at them and saw my life, and said, nope…not having it.

And I never looked back.

I am what my grandparents ate!

A feast/famine study out of Sweden showed us that two generations of people were affected if their grandparents were affected by feast or famine!  If one generation was fed very sparsely, their children and their grandchildren were extremely lean, and lived longer.  Unfortunately affected by depression in high numbers.  If the grandparents were fed abundantly, their children and grandchildren had a propensity towards obesity, and died earlier.


I saw it  and see it – unscientifically.  I saw the propensity of all of us towards obesity and the diseases that come with it, but I thought it was more – lifestyle than anything.  For instance, my dad would take us to Burger King twice for lunch.  Well…You eat high fat, high carb foods 6 times a day, you are going to be obese and develop high blood pressure.  Nobody really  said anything, or did anything, because we were all fat.

It was accepted.

What I didn’t realize, it’s actually ingrained in my DNA.  Science has shown it over and over again.

In this book, it shows how the genetics of the sperm and egg affects the outcome of the baby.  Just because the baby appears normal, doesn’t mean it is.

The fact that I have a fat butt when I eat too many carbs, it’s because of the lifestyle of my grandmother.


Now I know who to be mad at :)!

It also addresses issues I am very passionate about, how to address these severe metabolic disorders (hypertension, diabetes, ADHD, etc) with food.  And the fact is, that while our genes are the gun, the lifestyle we choose to live, is the trigger.

What you eat, and how you choose to live, can dampen gene expression, slow or stop progress of chronic diseases, forever.

You can decide how you want to live.  Just because I have fat grandparents and parents, doesn’t mean that I have to live the fat life.

That’s the beauty!

Yeah, I have my challenges but I have my pluses, too.  While I am bigger than most women of my height, and can grow fat like gungadin, I am also more muscular.  I can grow muscle very easily, even under extreme caloric deficits.

I can grow muscle while eating almost nothing at all.  Isn’t that fascinating?  My body’s ability to do this, I think, is all tied in to epigenetics – which is I am what my Grandparents ate!

It’s a fascinating read, and will provide you real insight on how to get your body into the best shape it can be.  Also it will provide you insight in how to heal your body with nourishing foods, and keep it as healthy as it can be  throughout life.

It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy.

There is something to it?

While my parents and grandparents were sickly people who died young, I am a healthy vibrant adult with abs!  LOL!

Take that!

I turned my life around with exercise, but mostly, with a change in diet, that has stuck for many years.  I enjoy it!  I enjoy living and very much enjoy how I feel.

Are you interested in reading this book?  You can buy it on Amazon!



Have you realized yet that food isn’t happiness?  Or maybe it is, if you eat nourishing foods!

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