10-Fall Craft Ideas To Do with Your Kids

Have fun during this season with beautiful sweaters, pumpkin spices and golden leaves by creating with your children many funny handcrafted autumnal items. We have put together a list of 10 autumn craft ideas and activities that you can do with kids all year round. Have fun crafting!
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Best Craft Ideas for Kids!

Fall Leaf Crafts
There exist many crafting ideas that you can do with dried leaves. They can be used as templates, draw details to create them (or other exciting creations), or draw them to completely transform them (along with many other great artwork ideas). Making leaf sun catchers is fun. The thing we like most is how your windows glow in the fall. These sun traps use only a few materials that are easy to access and are around you.
Play Autumn Dough
Who does not like all the smells of autumn? Pumpkin pie should be one of your favorites, and it’s very lovely when autumn comes! What could be your best approach for the new season than when your children participate in this sensory activity in the fall? Make this fragrant plasticize for case-mind. Get putty recipes for apple pie, pumpkin and maple putty.


Autumn Leaf Potato Stamp
There is nothing better than painting in the autumn and painting vegetables. Stamping potatoes is such a classic crafting profession. Try these autumn potato leaves with this simple technique with your children, and you will have much fun.

Hand-print Trees
Create a beautiful autumn tree with your children’s prints. It looks great to decorate a Thanksgiving table or light up your room in the fall.

Leaf Silhouette Art
Creating leaves as silhouettes is a simple craft. Children of all ages can be able to make this item. Little children can paint the background, and older children can try on yarn, tape or paper gloss.

Leaf Clay Dish
This clay bowl is the perfect gift for the fall! Older children can make this clay dish. This is a beautiful artwork that you can personalize for your Christmas or birthday. This is a beautiful item that can perform the function of a ring bowl or to store items such as coins and keys.

Owl Hand-print
This owl print is a unique autumn craft! The owl hand-print is beautiful and cute to look at. It is even more fun to create. You can turn it into a big display board. You can also design a room with owl’s paintings or create the image for fun.

Silhouette Art
This art of watercolor silhouette is fun too! Just take a few leaves and paint them with watercolors. The leaves will peel off the paper, and it is fun for kids

Leaf Printing
Drawing leaves is an enjoyable activity. It is a very simple activity. Children of all ages can perform this activity. There are numerous methods that you can try with your kids.

Swollen, Blotchy Leaves
There are numerous ways to make art using leaves. Drawing blades is a simple activity that children of all ages enjoy. There are different leaf printing and painting methods that you can assist your children in trying out.


There are loads of different crafting activities for kids to do and helping children use their imagination is key.  If you’re stuck for good ideas then why not look too creative ideas on well-known websites like Star Walk Kids.  Star Walk Kids is packed with ideas for kids activities and crafts.



What are your favorite crafts you do with your kids in the fall?


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