15-Chest, Core and Shoulder Moves to Round out you “At-Home” Workout Routine

I love training at home.  It’s convenient.  I don’t have to pack a gym back and hang out in a dirty germy gym.  I don’t have to share equipment.  Everything I need is right there so no need to run back and forth gathering equipment, moving benches and such. 

In my opinion, it’s just more effective to train at home.  Especially for a mom with a growing family.

Really, I lost all 160 lbs. training at home, why change?

The gym does have a purpose.  Heavier weights live at the gym.  Different equipment live at a gym.  Yes, you do not need machines to get in shape and lose weight, but it does help to change it up a bit. 

There is definitely a time and place for everything, and the combo is a winner!

But since I am fond of at-home workouts, so much so, that I wanted to share some of my giant sets with you.


What are giant sets?

Glad you asked!  That is when you perform 4-5 exercises back to back on the same muscle group.   For example, 4-5 exercises for the chest, and then 4-5 exercises for the abs, and so on. Usually you divide the giant set into 2-3 multi-joint exercises (exercises that involve more than one muscle group) and 2-3 single-joint exercises (isolation exercises that involve only the muscle group you are targeting). 

For example, a bench press would be an example of a multi-joint exercise for chest, while a chest fly would be a single-joint exercise. 

Typically, you can lift heavier with multi-joint exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench presses) because more than one muscle groups are recruited.

The last two weeks, I wrote and performed “full body giant set” workouts at home and in the gym – and I wanted to share them with you!

You can use these in any way you want.  Find a move that you like, and want to incorporate it into your routine – go for it!  Want to do multiple sets of one exercise followed by multiple sets of the second – do it!  Want to create a circuit with a cardio interval – I’m all for it!

The trick is, just do it!  Don’t paralyze yourself thinking about it.


15-at home chest, core and shoulder exercises #health #fitness


I love working my core.  A strong core will make everything stronger, so I train the core at least 3-days a week, if not more.  There is always something you can do different so you aren’t training the exact same muscle fibers.



This core routine utilized resistance bands.  I love bands because they are portable, cheap, and in my opinion, isolate the muscle better than weights and machines.


I’m all these moves, I church wrapped the band. I put the band over the top of both feet and then brought it up between my feet.

1. I used my heaviest band and did simple roll downs. I held the handles or you can choke up on the band for more resistance. I did 3 sets of 11.

2. Leg press. I pressed my legs out and went backwards. When I came back up, I was careful not to touch my heels on the ground. Keep them up. 3 sets of 11

3. Leg press with shoulder press. Similar to above, but not only did I press my legs, but I also pressed my arms upwards, working my shoulders. 3 sets of 11.

4. Side twist – targeting those obliques. Using a door anchor about mid- body. Tie the handles together and use only one handle. With both hands grabbing one handle and your arms straight, twist away from the anchor. 3-sets of 21 on each side

5. Oblique side bend. Let go of one handle. Step your foot close to the other and bend over. Make sure the band has constant resistance. I used my heaviest band. 21 reps 3 sets.

5. Resistance band crunch. Anchor your heaviest band above you. This is like a cable crunch. Facing away from the anchor on your knees, crunch down and hold for a few seconds before returning to the start position. 3-sets of 21 reps.




Chest, shoulder and core workouts for home

I start with a warm up where I’m using about half my working weight. He purpose is to warm up that muscle group. I only do this with the first exercise. I follow with two multi joint exercises (where I’m using multiple muscle groups in the move), 10 reps and at least 2 sets – no rest between sets.


 1.  Upright row, making sure that my elbows are higher than my wrists. I make sure to pull those shoulder blades down and back.

2.  Shoulder press. You can do these sitting or standing, whichever you prefer.

I then follow up with two single joint exercises where I’m only exercising one muscle group. For that, I increase the reps. Do 20, 2 sets each to burn it out.

3.  Lateral raises work the sides of your shoulders 

4.  Front raises work the front.

You might be thinking, what about the back of the shoulder?  Well, I assure you, my rear delts are not being neglected.  Since I am doing full body, I have a giant set for back, where I do straight arm back extensions, rear delt fly’s, barbell rows, inverted rows and seated rows – all working the mid/upper back and back of the shoulders! 

NOTE:  Make sure with the front and lateral raises, you are not swinging your body. If you need momentum to lift the weights, the weights are too heavy.   If you feel like you need momentum to do these exercises, go lighter on the weights.




NOTE: On the incline and decline push-ups, my elbows are bending backwards. Your elbows should scrape the sides of your body – and not flail out away from you. This engages the tricep and lessens the stress on your shoulders.

No matter what push-ups you do, your elbows should always bend behind you, scraping the sides of your body as you go down.

It’s also important that you get a full range of motion. Your chest should go to the ground. If you can only do 1-3 with full range of motion, so be it. I would rather see you do 13 than do 16 half-assed.

Why am I doing both inclined and declined push ups?  They work different parts of the chest.  If I didn’t hate push ups as much as I do, I would have done regular on the ground push-ups.  You can also include these in your routine!


 1.  Barbell bench press.  Make sure that the bar comes under the boobs and you pause at the bottom.  Do 3 sets of 10-12.

2.  Alternating dumbbell bench press.  Your hands could be facing like mine are or facing each other.  Do one one day and do the other the next.  Do 3 reps of 10-12 on each side.

3.  Resistance band chest press.  Place the band under your bench or coffee table.  Grab the handle and with your arms spread out, form a rainbow motion.  Make sure to squeeze at the top.  Do 3 sets of 16-20 reps.

4.  Decline push-ups?  Place your legs on a ball or a table.  It takes core strength to stabilize that ball, so the ball will add an extra core workout!  Go all the way to the ground.  16-20 reps 1 set or until failure (which usually doesn’t take me long.

5.  Incline push up.  For me, it’s uncomfortable performing on a ball, so I use a coffee table.  Same principle as the decline push up .  Your chest should touch the top of the table or ball.  Do 1 set of 16-20 reps.  If you have more energy, do another set!


I hope this gives you some good ideas and adds to the value of your workout routines. 

If you are interested in a weekly at-home workout plan or in need of solid nutrition and weight loss advice.


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