7-Essential Home Maintenance Tasks that Every Mom can Do

Moms are made of mush and steel. What can’t they do? They support the family, and some of them take care of the biggest chores around the house. Indeed, no task is tough for a determined woman.


Armed with strength, sense, and some tools, you are capable of tackling several things in the house by yourself. It isn’t just the dollars you save from not outrightly buying replacements for broken items, but also the feeling of completing a task with your sweat.



  1. Mow the Lawn


Does it not feel great to come home to nicely cut grass that is green in summer? Proper watering is crucial for the lawn’s survival during warm, dry months. The health of your lawn also depends on mowing.


The task follows no strict schedule, so your rule of thumb is only to cut a third of the blade every time. This height is adequate for the grass to keep carbohydrates for its strength and growth. Also, mow when the grass is dry if you want an even cut.


  1. Patch a Hole in the Wall


The ghosts of long-ago electric outlets or fixtures remain as holes in the wall. You can fix these large holes with a joint compound, knife, spatula, and sometimes, a kit that contains the supplies you need. Neaten the hole, ready the support (like mesh screen or wood blocking), apply the joint compound, and sand it after drying.


For smaller holes from nails or cracks, you need spackling paste. Scrape it on the area, let it sit, and sand. This skill will come handy when repainting walls such that they have even surfaces.


  1. Power-Wash the Wood Deck


If you think washing the roof of the shed looks dangerous, then you can opt for something simpler, like your deck. Power-washing can strip it of grime, dirt, and other stains. You would have the structure ready for refinishing or resurfacing by the end of the cleaning session.


However, use the appropriate pressure and spray angle, and hold the tip properly in order not to damage the wood. You can dry-run the pressure washer first on a random wooden surface to see how it goes.


  1. Repair a Leaking Hose


With a screwdriver, cutter, and clamp for both ends, you can fix a cracked or broken section of the garden hose. Cut off the damaged part, leaving you with two tubes. Slide the band into one tube, insert the threaded portion, and use the screwdriver to tighten. Do the same thing to the other hose. Put the two tubes together.


  1. Change Air Filters


This task is critical for the upkeep of your HVAC and quality of indoor air. Regularly changing air filters can mean every month or as often if you live with pets and smokers or in high-pollen areas. You first need to locate return air grills that hold the filters.


For the replacement air filters, take a picture of them to buy the right size. Turn off the thermostat, remove the old filter, mount the new one, and return the grill cover.


  1. Remove Hard-Water Stains on Windows


These streaks are not only hard to remove but also leave ugly impressions on your glass panes. You also risk damaging the glass if you rub too hard or apply an abrasive cleaner.


For this challenge, you will need a mixture of vinegar and water. Pat the spots using a towel; the vinegar will soften the deposits (e.g., magnesium and calcium) that produce the stains. Wipe the surface with the cloth afterward.


  1. Unclog Toilet


It’s a household emergency with many solutions. Your initial response is to prevent water from overflowing. Open the toilet tank lid and close the flapper that is attached to the chain (usually found at the bottom of the tank).


Use a rubber plunger, push the cup down against the hole, and pull out. If you have no plunger, pour shampoo or soap into the toilet, and add hot water to the bowl to dissolve tissues.


That’s some foul business. An extra bathroom can be a huge relief during such clogged times. You can look into toilets that flush up because they don’t clog easily. Also known as macerating toilets, they have pumps that grind the waste into fine particles so they don’t obstruct the flow. The task is DIY-able, although knowing a plumber does help.


Keeping the home in order and its every part in good condition ensures the health and safety of your family.  A well-kept home and lawn represent value that can translate to dollars in the future. Whether you are a stay-at-home or working mom, you can do basic home care and maintenance.


Now that we are selling our house, I find myself doing many things that I have never done before, from repainting the inside of a fireplace to caulking the bathtub!  What tasks do you perform on a regular basis?




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