A Fresh Perspective – Affirmations of Hope


Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.  Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth

~Marcus Aurelius


A week ago Thursday, I woke up, put on my glasses and everything was blurry.  Everything was cloudy.  Scary right?  Yeah.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I immediately went to see the doctor.  I knew I had a sinus infection – that I had suspected for more than a month.  Perhaps that’s what it was?  Maybe?  The doctor took a look.  I did have a sinus infection.  He did say, that in the worst case scenario, that it’s possible….

I held out hope.

I hoped that my sinus infection was bad enough.

My eyes didn’t improve the next day, or the day after or the day after.

I was really beginning to worry.  Why would my eyes be fine Wednesday night and not be fine the next morning?  What would make it happen so quickly?  Brain tumor?  MS?  Stroke?

I went back to the doctor on Monday when my condition did not improve.

There were no answers – and the appointment made me more unsettled.  He asked me questions like – do you feel tingling in any of your extremities.


Do you have headaches?


Do you have a family history of MS?

No, but it has to start somewhere, right?

More questions than answers.

There were no other neurological symptoms.  No other symptoms period.  I had this problem before – although not so extreme.  The last time it was associated with dry eye.  He told me to go back to the Opthamologist, and then see a Neurologist.

Worried, as I have 3 kids to raise.  I don’t have the energy or time for a brain tumor, you know?  It was very scary.

I called the Opthamologist and told them what was going on.  They told me that if I start seeing flashes of light to call them right away.

No flashes of light – and I didn’t appreciate the suggestion (as now I start to be paranoid that I’m seeing flashes of light).

It wasn’t funny then, but as I write this, it’s funny now.

On Tuesday I see the Opthamologist.  Being I’m 38, they are afraid as to what was going on – when I can’t see the top letter in the eye chart.


They then measure the prescription on my glasses that I was wearing – and come into where I’m sitting and say….ummmmm, these aren’t your glasses.

What?  Of course they are.  DUH.  Why wouldn’t I be wearing my own glasses?  What a stupid suggestion.

I take them off and look at them with my mouth hanging open.

These are my son’s glasses.  The ones that have been missing for two weeks.


You can’t imagine how relieved I was (and how stupid I felt).  Of course, the whole office was laughing at me – but they were as relieved as I was.

She checked my eyes and put my real prescription in the eye glass checker thing.  It was like the world was opened up.  Everything was beautiful.  The color was magnificent.  Everything went from black and white to vibrant color!  It was amazing.

It was as if I I was looking at the world through another pair of eyes.  I had a fresh perspective on life and it was beautiful.

A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes it takes a little blurriness in life to make you stop, step back, be quiet and look at the world through a fresh pair of eyes.



This post is part of the NaBloPoMo Challenge.  The theme for this month is FRESH.

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  1. I enjoyed your post! I am so glad you mystery was solved. It was funny reading, as I think we have all done things like that but maybe not the same thing. I once work two right cowboy boots all day and was wondering why they were not comfortable. I am in NYC and thought maybe they were supposed to feel that way. Yep, dad looked at me and asked why I was wearing two right boots? HUH? I was so embarrassed, 20 years later, my dad and brothers like to tease me and ask if I am wearing two right shoes. Now, I check each time I buy shoes!

    • Hahahaha! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

      So funny. I’m so glad I’m not the only one – cause I sure did feel like a heal. I’m sure they are still doubled over laughing at me – but it’s alright. I am so relieved to know I don’t have MS.

      Yep, now I double check my glasses -and so does my hubby. Yesterday, he told Hadyn that he was wearing my glasses. Haha! We all got a good laugh out of that.
      Lisa recently posted…DIY Soap for the Dishawasher, The Dishes, and your HandsMy Profile

  2. I love that you are brave enough to share this with us. As I age, I find myself doing these types of things more and more. The fresh perspective is a beautiful gift and it is fantastic that you “view” it that way. 🙂
    Cool Mom/Christine M. recently posted…Pet Projects: A Failure to Examine Frogs Causes Martians to Eat HamburgersMy Profile

  3. That’s too funny! I am glad you can laugh at it and that nothing awful was going on. ~mari
    Mari Inspired by Family recently posted…Sweet and Savory Green Bean BundlesMy Profile

  4. Oh how scary, but then what a relief! I’m sure you son was glad to have his glasses back, too. 🙂
    Elisa recently posted…Nikki begins studying the celloMy Profile

  5. Wow! This sounds so scary! Im glad it was an oops moment instead.

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