A Little Bit of Crazy

I cannot believe it’s 8 PM.  Where has the day gone?  I cannot believe I am writing my blog post this late.  I had a very nice inspiring post, and my day has been so crazy – it’s unbelievable.

It all started out well – well kind of.   The kids have been constantly sick, so I had planned to take my son to the doctor after we went to his homeschool co-op meeting.  He has a residual cough (from the flu or maybe the strep he had right after) that needed to be looked at.

I took the kids to the homeschool co-op group.  It’s about 30 minutes away.  In actuality, I didn’t want to go – not at all.  I wanted to skip it and stay in bed,  then go to the doctor – but it wasn’t in the cards.  My son’s band teacher said he had to be there so that they could prepare for the spring concert.  Okay, so I had to pack up kids that weren’t really motivated to go.

You know, it was the come on…come on…put on your coats…put on your coats…get in the car…get in the car….you know the drill, right?

Plus, It’s a bit annoying because there is no where to sit while we are there.  I have to sit in the car with the baby – in the cold.  But, we make the best of it.

When band is over, I have to cart them over to the other church for the group classes – so I do that.

When I pick them up, my son is complaining of a headache.  He looks like he’s going to throw up.  So here it goes.  I kept asking him – are you okay?  Yeah…yeah…I just need to eat.  I’m really hungry.  So while we are eating, I’m asking him – are you alright?

We go to the doctor and come home.

I am nursing the baby, and my daughter comes in and says

“I can’t stand it, Hadyn just threw up everywhere”

It was literally EVERYWHERE – all over the couch, all over the floor, all over himself and all over the little Noah’s Ark table and chair set.

By this time I was completely exhausted.  I immediately cancelled my temple prep meeting I had tonight.

Even now, as I was getting set up to write this blog post – just as I was sitting down to the computer.  The baby wakes up.

Just perfect!

So here I am after this type of day.

crazy me

A day filled with just a bit of crazy.

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  1. 🙁 hope you have a healthy family soon!

    • Thanks Mama! Me too. I’m thinking we are getting stuff from the kids club at the gym. But, I need to get my work out on, kwim?

  2. This day sounds super exhausting! Days like that are tough! Hope your little guy is feeling better! xx

    • Hey Amy,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure we actually know what’s wrong with him. I hate this feeling. The doctor thinks one thing and I think another. I hate the wait and see approach when I have such a strong gut feeling. However, I do lack the MD, so…All I know is if he’s not better by Sunday – we are getting a second opinion. I don’t mess around with health issues.

  3. Sorry your day was so crazy! Hopefully everyone, including you, gets some rest and gets healthy soon!!

    • Hey Angela,

      Thanks for stopping by. I need to be resting, but instead I am blogging. Now the baby is up – and no rest for the wicked.

      Ah well. I do love reading blogs!

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