Academic Activities for St. Patrick’s Day


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STEM and Literacy St. Patricks Day - Inspired ideas for early elementary #homeschool


Honestly, I’m not really big on St. Patrick’s Day.  I have never celebrated, more than making Corn Beef and Hash.  But, I like creating a fun learning experiences for the kids.  So, I went on a search to find high-quality St. Patrick’s Day themed learning – where they could not only learn about the holiday but reinforce the ideas that we are learning.


Do you know St. Patrick?  Here are some Facts and Myths Surrounding the Iconic Figure



STEAM Inspired St. Patrick’s Day Activities

I subscribed to the St. Patrick’s Day Unit from Online Unit Studies for free by signing up for an email subscription.  What a great unit where the kids learned more about St. Patrick, Shamrocks, Why Green? and more!

We also practiced drawing Shamrocks, and performed a unique experiment where we had the opportunity to make green soda!  Both activities were pretty easy and fun!


Green Soda


Making Green Soda for St. Patrick's Day #homeschool #STEM
We set up 5 glasses.  Since we were unable to find the food-grade Citric acid, we added 2 tsp. of fresh squeezed lime juice to each glass.  Then we varied the amount of baking soda we added to the lime juice.  In one glass, we added 1/16 tsp. baking soda – then added 1/4 cup water, mixed, tasted and recorded our observations in our lab notebook.

To the second glass, we added 1/4 tsp. baking soda, 1/4 cup water and mixed and tasted – and recorded our observations in our lab notebook.

To the last glass, we added 1 tsp. baking soda, 1.4 cup water and mixed and tasted.

We chose the best tasting variation and used that recipe – and placed it in the fourth glass.

Then, we added varying amounts of sugar – starting with 1/4 tsp. and going up to 1 tsp.  We tasted, recorded our observations in our lab notebooks.

Once we found the ideal tasting soda, we made a larger batch, added 1 drop of green food coloring, and voila!
DIY Green Soda for #stpatricksday #homeschool

Wondering about the chemistry?



Shamrock Watercolor Painting

Shamrock Water color painting #homeschoolart #stpatricksday
Your kids will learn to create their very own Watercolor Shamrock Painting!  Fun!


Math and Literacy Ideas

I wanted the kids to work on their math and reading skills with high-quality St. Patrick’s Day themed materials.  I downloaded the 2nd and 5th Grade No Prep – St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Printable Worksheets.  These were excellent, just what we needed, and Common Core Aligned (if that’s important to you).


2nd Grade Math and Literacy Worksheets


2nd grade #stpatricksdaythemed #math #literacy download #homeschool
For math, we are in the Saxon 2nd Grade book.  These worksheets were a bit beyond where we are now, but using the principles taught in our curriculum, it was easy for me to quickly explain adding two digit numbers!  It was great how it worked out.  I explained it with dimes and pennies, and we exchange 10 pennies for a dime.  It made carrying simple for Ava!

She was really proud of herself – being able to do these worksheets quickly and easily!

The literacy activities were right on target.  I had to help her a bit with the spelling since we learn by phonics, it was difficult to tell which words weren’t spelled correctly.  It comes with time.

The writing activities were great! She was able to write creative stories and sentences, practicing her grammar and punctuation!

I was really happy with the worksheets.  They are thorough and provided challenges for the kids.


5th Grade Math and Literacy Worksheets


5th grade #stpatricsday themed math and literacy worksheets
We had just started on 2-digit multiplication with Hadyn.  These worksheets took it one step further.  The skills taught helped reinforce what we are learning – but brought it to another level.  For a child who is a bit slower with math, these worksheets provided the extra practice we needed.

The great thing about these activities is that there are multiple grade levels – so you can really tailor to your child.  If he/she is higher or lower, you just get the correct grade level.

I think these worksheets were a great decision – and were no prep for me, which I always appreciate!


St. Patrick’s Day Close Reading


#stpatricksday themed close reading activities #homeschool
Learning how to pick out relevant details from a text is no trivial task.  It’s used all the time throughout all levels of school, college and on standardized tests.

I really liked the instructions on creating notes and what to look for.  This was an excellent and very useful academic study!

What are you doing to turn St. Patrick’s Day into a learning adventure?

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