Academic & Fun Valentines Day-Inspired ELA for 3rd-5th Graders


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Big Kids Valentines Day-Inspired Learning Activities

I had the opportunity to review the Big Kids Valentines Day activities!  Included in the pack, are 3 academic and fun Valentines-Day ELA resource packs for 3rd-5th graders


Pack 1 – Close Read and Figurative Language

“St. Valentine” Close Read article & Close Read interactive flip booklet
“Valentine’s Money Day” Close Read article & Close Read interactive flip booklet
How to Close Read mini poster
Figurative Language Valentines {interactive activity with passage}
Cold Hearted & Tender Hearted flip-flap {interactive activity to use with ANY Just-Right-Book that focuses on character traits}
Key Details & Main Idea Locket {interactive activity to use with ANY Just-Right Nonfiction article, or Close Read articles from this mini unit}

Concepts covered:
Ask and Answer Questions in Close Reading & Text Based Evidence
Main Idea & Key Details
Character Traits & Details
Figurative Language


Pack 2 – Sequence of Events

This SEQUENCE OF EVENTS Valentine Themed Activity Pack is sure to have the kids engaged and excited about learning about sequence of events! This pack includes HIGHER ORDER THINKING activities and original reading passages for all learning levels!

Sequential Order definition poster
Transition Words definition poster
“Party Planner” passages & activities, plus answer keys {For Higher Order Thinking Skills practice & to challenge your students that are your high achievers!}
3 original Valentine Treat-themed fiction passages with sequential order questions
“Sequential Order Baking…A Yummy Activity” directions & examples, baking material cards (ingredients & kitchen tools), 4 recipe cards, 1 blank recipe card
Sequential Order Flippy Books to use with any fiction or nonfiction text!


Pack 3 – Summary and Plot Craftivities

Main idea
Key Details
Author’s perspective
Character Traits (in-depth)
Figurative Language
Text based evidence
Making inferences
Facts & Opinions

The 5 Valentine Craftivities for Big Kids are:
“Puppy Love” Figurative Language Activity
“The Kissing Hand” Plot & Character Analysis
Unlocking Clues & Making Inferences Lock-it craftivity
X’s and O’s (X marks the spot for the facts & O is for the author’s opinion & perspective) Craftivity
Tell me S’More! Summary & Plot Craftivity


Our Activities

In our homeschool Co-op classes, my oldest takes a writing class.  He has been working really hard on figurative language.  He has been distinguishing the differences between Idioms, Metaphor, Simile, personification and hyperbole.  Therefore, the figurative language activities were perfect!

  figurative langage activities for 3rd-5th grade Homeschool


We did two different activities.  We spent time reading valentines day passages and picking out the figurative language our of the passage.  We then distinguished between the literal meaning and the figurative meaning.  In the second activity, he was given a phrase, and determined the type of figurative language (idiom, metaphor or simile).

Both of these activities were perfect.  They included creative aspect (coloring, cutting and laying out the pages in the notebook) as well as provided very academic (great for mom) and fun (great for kid) activities.  These activities weren’t all fun and games.  They also required a lot of thought.  Real learning was happening.


Close Reading Activities for grades 3-5 #homeschool #ELA
This set of activities were really great for us.  We worked on determining the key and main ideas, and plot of a short story or book.  I love these activities because they are adaptable to anything you can find.  Passages are included in the pack, but you can use any article from CNN, newspaper or short story.  The activities are fun and engaging.  When asking my son whether he liked learning this way better than doing workbooks and such, he said he definitely enjoyed the more notebooking/practical learning (to my chagrin).

While these activities didn’t leave me with tons of preparation, it left me with more than I normally have.  Some of the directions (for me) were more difficult to distinguish.  I had to figure out how to lay everything out on the page.  Once I figured it out, it wasn’t that bad.  I’m glad I took the time to learn.  The thing about these lessons are that you can print them over and over again, reinforcing these very important concepts.


Valentimes day ELA for big kids (grades3-5) academic and rewarding


For me, the craftivities were the most cumbersome.  In some, I had no idea what she was talking about.  In one, it was almost as if the passage was missing – but I wasn’t quite sure.  Those I left and found the one or two that were easy to do – and I thought would benefit my son most (I am not really adept in notebooking, so this whole pack was a learning process).  I will probably go back and try to figure out the other activities, since I like the pack so much.  In the end, I think it will be worth it.

In the activity above, we did a fun sequencing activity.  Using transition words like: First, last, soon after, finally, etc – we put together a dessert recipe.  First, we sequenced the recipe with colorful cards (the only printing that I did with colored ink).  After that, we wrote the recipe using the transition words.  Since it wasn’t a real recipe, we didn’t do the baking, but I thought about making something similar.  Being mostly lazy, I left that part out, but I think it would have been fun for the kids – plus good eating!


My Final Thoughts on the Valentines Day ELA for Big Kids

I can honestly say that this is one of the best packs that I have reviewed this far.  It has meat to it, and not all fluff.  I hate fluff.  Cute characters are cute and all – but that doesn’t mean that real learning is happening.  With this pack, real learning was happening.  There were challenges – which is good. I want my kids to be able to think, I want my kids to be challenged.  It’s good to be challenged  I want them to be able to understand a concept and adapt it to other things.  Fun is great.  Although, I don’t want to lead them to think that everything in life will be fun.  Cute characters and pretty fonts, not needed.  This pack had the cute stuff though, so if you or your child like that sort of stuff…it’s there.

I also liked that there wasn’t a lot of colored printing.  I hate printing on cardstock using colored ink.  It’s such a waste, plus it takes longer.  If I could review a pack that is 100% printed on regular paper and black and white – I would be dancing in my seat.  Seriously.  The only thing I printed in colored in were the recipe cards – and that was just to make the words stand out.

For me, I had to re-read the instructions on some of the activities a few times to get it.  Like I said before, I am not used to this type of learning.  Some of the activities I never quite understood – especially under the craftivity section.  I am going to go back to that and hopefully gain a better understanding.  I wouldn’t say that I was a really creative person.  I think I am a more literal thinker – which might be my issue.

NOTE:  I called some of these activities notebooking pages.  I am not a notebooking pages type of homeschool mom, and therefore, haven’t used them.  I’m not sure whether they are “real” notebooking pages.  For me, if you put pages in a notebook, that would qualify as being notebooking pages.

To each her own I guess.


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