Affirmations of Hope – Risk Taking

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The future is not something we enter.  The future is something we create.

                     ~Leonard I. Sweet


I love positivity – especially in a world that is not always so positive.  If you want to bring light and love into someone else’s life, post your positive affirmation and grab my button for your post or the sidebar.

It’s only when we are together that we can change the world.


This month, I’m taking the NaBloPoMo challenge.   This challenge gives unique writing prompts each month.  This month the NaBloPoMo challenge is Risk.

All of my Affirmations of hope this month will be centered around RISK.

Looking back, what risk have you taken that contributed positively to your well being/present life?

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  1. That’s a big question! I think every single choice we make comes with risk.

    I guess I would say going with my gut has contributed positively to my well being and present life.

    • Yes, you are right. Some a bit riskier than others.

      Like you I also trust my gut – but often times I don’t get the result that I initially set out to get. Usually I learn a lesson I least expected to learn. Risk is an adventure!

  2. Lisa -what a great idea to use these prompts! I have taken many risks including moving our family to different continents, where we knew no one. The whole family benefitted in many ways from successfully managing change, building resilience, making wonderful friends to seeing what a big, wide diverse world we have to explore. Personally, starting my blog felt like a huge risk because it exposed my writing and my life to the blogosphere. But it one of the best things I have ever created , because almost every day someone says it has helped them in some way! It was a risk to start and each time I write again I feel that risk, but I am always glad afterwards.

    • Wow, Gilly! Amazing! You are a perfect example to all of us. It’s amazing that the most scary “risks” turn out to produce the greatest rewards.

      I feel the same way about blogging – but I also feel it’s the best thing that I have done.

      I just love this! This, makes me happy!

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