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I’m a typical mother.  If I had to list all the stuff I have to do during the day, we would be here forever.  Plus, it’s boring – and I am sure nobody wants that.

I really don’t have time to mess around.  I have done mess around and I don’t want to do it anymore.  I cloth diaper and I have laundry for 5.  I need a detergent that is going to treat everything – all in one shot.

When I was new, I used the internet to find the special detergents to use with my diapers.  I ordered it, paid a bunch of money – and guess what?  My clothes weren’t clean – and I started to have diaper stink issues.  Plus, I had to plan ahead so I wouldn’t run out.  Definitely, not my forte.

I decided that what I needed was to go to the neighborhood grocery store and buy a detergent that would treat my diapers with respect, clean my clothes, and keep our precious skin healthy – and do it all well.  Let me tell you, it was scary.  The specialized internet detergent was a lot more comfortable.

But, being a busy mom, I needed an option that I could get my hands on quickly.

It really needed to be “one and done”.

My choice needed to be affordable.

It needed to be free of dyes and perfumes – there is nothing more horrible than laundry that smells fabricated.

It needed to be commonplace.  I didn’t want to travel 30 minutes to specialty organic stores and co-ops.  It needed to be a “stop by any store” and pick-up type of detergent.

I need clean clothes, clean diapers without stink and build up – and also be sensitive to my children’s skin.

This is when I tried all Free and Clear.  It adhered to all of my needs.

My diapers are clean – no issues with my pockets with microfleece, my all in two’s with the PUL or my fitteds with luscious bamboo.  It works for all.  My laundry is clean and fresh.

All Free and Clear works fabulous in all water temperatures in top loading and HE washing machines.

It’s so easy – and that’s all that I need.


All free and clear is good for your laundry and family #freetobe


Try All Free and Clear for Yourself

There are so many choices.  Chose the liquid detergent, the pods, with and without OXI.  There is something for everyone.  Don’t forget the two newest products, The OXI Laundry Booster and the All Free and Clear Mighty Packs with OXI.  Just throw one in the washer and you are good to go!  Remember “all” products are good for your HE washer!

Try it and you will see you love it.  Want to take the plunge?  Save $1.00 with this awesome coupon.


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  1. ooh he looks so adorable. Looks like a little angel sleeping. I have always liked All. I have great respect for women that use cloth diapers. That is a lot of work…and having the right detergent is a must.
    Trish recently posted…A Simple DIY Toilet Paper TowerMy Profile

  2. This is a great product, I have tried this before and I like adding my own oxi clean to my laundry.. I do like how my clothes are clean but truly I can’t say its because of the laundry soap or oxi clean but I do know when they are put together my clothing are much cleaner..
    Dorothy Boucher recently posted…This is the title of your first image postMy Profile

  3. Omigosh, cute baby, cute ooga booga dipe! πŸ™‚

    Clicked for you. Would love a return favor. πŸ™‚
    Shecki recently posted…#FreeToBe About the Business of Summer!My Profile

  4. oh that sweet little baby!!!! It is an an amazing product if you have allergies or don’t want all the added “stuff” in your detergent.
    karen recently posted…Book Review Blog Hop #4My Profile

  5. I don’t think I have ever tried All Free and Clear. It would probably be good to try though because my son has such sensitive skin.
    Sandra Watts recently posted…Fashion Sweepstakes – Win Fashion Gift Cards and PrizesMy Profile

  6. Love All! It’s the only detergent my mom has used over years since we all grew up with sensitive skin. Some of us outgrew it, but a few of us didn’t. I love that their products are gentle enough even for babies because those baby detergents are super expensive. Ain’t nobody got time or money for that!

    Now can we talk about how cute your little one is?!! OMG, my baby fever is so in overdrive now.
    K. Elizabeth recently posted…The YUMMommy 100 Books Family Summer Reading ChallengeMy Profile

  7. Beautiful Baby πŸ™‚ I love All free n clear, too. That’s what we use, or we all break out in rashes at our house.
    Lisa Ehrman recently posted…Together on Tuesdays #42 & GiveawayMy Profile

  8. Lisa Coomer Queen

    I love All Free and Clear! It’s the only thing I use. Thanks!

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