A is for America Letter Tracing Activity for Preschoolers


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I know this may sound foreign, but my 4-year old LOVES school.  He loves everything about it.  When he gets up in the morning, he is excited with a pencil in hand and ready to go.  He asks to learn his letters.  He asks to do worksheets and workbooks.

This is how he learns and he loves it.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to review the A is for America Letter Tracing activity book for preschoolers, I jumped at the chance.  I knew he would love it, and I was right.

A is for America

This book is very simple in design.  All letters are in manuscript format.  For each letter, there is a fact about America.

A is for Abraham Lincoln – Ilinois is known as the land of Lincoln, our 16th President.

I take the opportunity to look at a map and locate the state.  I reinforce the idea that this is a state.  We live in a different state.  All these states are in a country called the United States of America.

First I have him trace a few lines, and then we practice writing by ourselves.


We then say the letter, I ask him if he knows the letter sound, and then asked him to think of a word that begins with that letter.

Some letters prove to be difficult, but there is learning in not being perfect.  This is a really important concept for Grayson.  He wants to give up on the things that are hard and do the things that are easy.

That’s not how the world works.

I make him try just a little bit and reinforce the idea that we are coming back to it at another time to give it another try.

I never let them get away with not trying and not succeeding with something that’s difficult.

It goes on through all the letters, both uppercase and lowercase.



Finally, it has a few blank writing pages in the end that can be copied and used for additional writing practice – for those letters that were challenging.

A is for America is very simple in its design.  There are no teachers manuals, CD-Roms, etc.  It’s meant for the kid to just get started with minimal parent involvement – which is why I like it.  Homeschooling 4 kids, everyone needs me.  I need something that the kids can do independently, enjoy and learn from.


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What letter formation books/guides have you used for your preschoolers?

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