And Tango Makes Three: Helping your Young Child to Understand Homosexuality


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Helping your young child understand homosexuality #kidlit #alternativelifestyles #homosexuality


There is a big huge park in the middle of New York City called Central Park.  People jog in Central Park and children love to play there.  There is a carousel and toy boat pond where they can sail their boats in the summer, and an ice skating rink in the winter. Also, in Central Park, there is the Central Park Zoo, which houses many friendly animals and those animals make families of their own. Roy and Silo are two penguins among many who live at the Central Park Zoo.     What makes Roy and Silo unique is that they like hanging out with each other.  During the time when boy penguins begin noticing girl penguins, Roy and Silo notice each other.  They wind their heads around each other. They swim together, and they play with each other.  They are best buddies, pals and friends.

The Penguin keeper thought that these two penguins must be in love.

When it’s time for penguins to lay eggs, Roy and Silo noticed that they don’t have any eggs, so they make a nest and use a rock for an egg.  When the Penguin keeper notices this, he takes an egg from another penguin duo that laid two eggs (male penguins spend all of their time and energy keeping 1 egg warm and do not have time for 2), he gives the other egg to Roy and Silo.

They shared parenting duties rotating the egg and sitting on the egg.  While one kept the egg warm, the other went for food.

Soon, the egg hatched, and out came Tango – and a new penguin family was born.

And Tango makes 3, is not only an introduction the life and times of Chinstrap Penguins, but also how surprising and unaccepted unions can make strong and functional families.

A sweet book about penguin families  told simply and naturally – offers children compassion and understanding of a complex topic.  A topic that is extremely relevant in our times.


Title: And Tango Makes Three

Authors: Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

Illustrator: Henry Cole

Publication Date: 2005

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers


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