Are You Ready for Change?

This week, I’m going up 5 lbs and 2 reps per set on body weight exercises.


Because I want change and that’s the way it will happen.

It was really hard and heavy.


But guess what?  I did it anyway.

My arms were shaking like a leaf (still are), so by the time I got to those body weight dips and push-ups. ??

It was so hard. <whine>.

But guess what?  I did it anyway – all sets, all reps…to the end.

And this is why…


I want to keep changing.

The difference between these two sets of pictures is 5 lbs. 5 lbs, that’s it!

For me, it’s not about weight loss, but about fat loss and muscle gain. Yes, I would like to physically weigh less. But more importantly, I want to be strong, healthy, and be able to maintain the body that I build. Plus, I really like lifting weights and building muscle! I also like eating!! 🙂

I’m opening the group to 1-2 people who will do it anyway, despite the fact that it’s hard and/or scary because “doing it anyway” is what inspires others to do it anyway, too.

I could care less what your goals are, if you weigh 500 lbs. and can’t walk, or if you are 150x fitter than I am and can plyo push-up 500 miles.

It’s the amazing people that do amazing things that inspires others to do amazing things.

If you are ready to work, and not mess around, contact me.
I don’t want or need peeps who are unsure/scary or waffling. I don’t waffle and neither do others. I want people who are inspired and want to hit their goals – whatever they are. Be Fierce!

If you are one of the few, let’s talk.

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  1. yuuuuup… I am ready. This article is really shake me up. thnks admin

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