Babywearing: It’s Biology

For eons, mothers wore their babies against their bodies on a day-to-day basis. Then, a strange thing happened. Strollers became a sought after item. Cars entered the picture and, with them, car seats. Suddenly there were countless other ways to transport our infants from point A to point B and babywearing seemed to be heading towards extinction, especially in western countries.

The recent movement surrounding babywearing, however, seems poised to bring back the human tradition of wearing our young. It shouldn’t surprise us. As illustrated in a comprehensive infographic compiled by We The Parents, scientific research is abundant regarding the many emotional and developmental benefits of baby carrying.


On a fundamental level, there is evidence that we, as humans, should be biologically classed as a ‘Carried Young’ species. After all, we neither build a nest for our newborns nor give birth to infants ready to follow us on their own two feet. What our young ones do seem physically prepared for is clinging to their adult caregiver’s body for maximum physical contact.

October 1 – 9 marks 2018’s International Babywearing Week. During this time, mothers around the world will celebrate their slings, carriers, and wraps in an effort to focus attention on this ancient practice’s resurgence. The importance of appreciating the emotional aspect that mothers and their babies experience through babywearing cannot be denied. However, it is just as vital to bring awareness to the fact that science has demonstrated that babywearing also promotes healthy infant growth, relaxation, and physical development.

It’s something definitely worth celebrating!

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