Best Methods to Care for a Bowflex Home Gym



Home exercise equipment costs quite a lot, and if you hope to get your money’s worth, you should do well to take proper care of your unit. It doesn’t matter if it is a compact unit like the Bowflex home gym or the complex Stairmaster; you would need to perform routine maintenance to guarantee durability.

While it may look like a difficult task, getting your home fitness machines to last long may be easier than you imagined. So without any further delays, let’s get started right away. Below are some of the best methods to care for your home gym.


Clean the Equipment

Of course, you will need to wipe off dirt and dust from your home gym periodically. The seats, leg, and armrests will require cleaning as often as possible. You can do this the first few minutes before you begin your workout, and it is best to use a dry cloth to do the cleaning instead of a wet one. Too much moisture in some parts of the machine can lead to rust, so you want to take extra care when wiping off dirt from your home fitness equipment.

In case you do not know, most fitness machines are home to bacteria and germs. This is a result of the hot and moist conditions the device is left in after each workout. And it doesn’t matter if you make use of the machine alone or share it with others, you will need to give your device a thorough wash once or twice a month to keep it germs free. Some units may not be that stressful to clean, but others such as the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE and Revolution Home Gym may need you to get into tiny spaces. You can check the link below to learn more about germs in your home gym.

You should do well to avoid using active chemical agents such as bleach on your home equipment.  They could alter the coatings on your machine frame, and also cause skin irritations when you exercise with it. A better option would be to utilize organic cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils to keep your unit clean. A vinyl conditioner is more suitable for the leather seats on your machine as it prevents cracking and tearing.


Consider the Weight Limits

Most home fitness equipment clearly outlines a weight resistance on each device. While some machines like the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym and Weider Ultimate Body Works can be upgraded further with a power rod or bungee cord, you certainly can’t do the same for others.

Overloading fitness equipment can lead to damages to the frame and even cause accidents while using the machine. And the best way to avoid this is to not go above the weight limitations on your device. You can check here for some safety tips when using a home gym.

You also want to avoid climbing on or using the machines for other rigorous activities. While they may look like they are built with durable materials, the cables and cords are only capable of withstanding so much stress.  And while you can easily replace them, they could set you back a few hundred dollars you can spend on other pressing needs.


Oil Moving Parts



You must lubricate the moving parts of your home equipment once or twice monthly. These include the weight track, which is the vertical bars that the slack slides on. You can make use of a silicone-based spray and a dry rag to oil the moving parts of your device.  It is better than actually using grease or spraying directly from a can, as it could lead to over greasing. And this can result in difficulty with the machine.

Most high-end fitness machines like those for cardio usually come with an oil reservoir. So you want to go through the manual to know how to fill it up.


Check for Wear and Tear

It is also part of regular maintenance to check for wear and tear on your exercise equipment. Areas such as weld points in the Bowflex Home Gym and other machines should be checked regularly for cracks. You should also check the resistance belt and cables at the ends of the attachment for any sign of damage. Although if you do get a durable machine, you would not have any problems with the lines in the first year or so.

It does not matter which brand of equipment you own, be it the Life Fitness, Marcy, Powerline, or Bowflex Home Gym. You can get it to last long by following the simple tips outlined above.


Do you have a home gym?  How do you keep your equipment clean?

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