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Optional spines to enhance learning, enjoy reading, andh ave fun via @educents


For the last two weeks, we have thoroughly enjoyed using and reading each and every one of these books by World Book.   The Bright Connection Fun Package is a group of 7 books – which aim to educate, to stimulate and to show how much fun reading and learning can be!   Not only are these books fun and interesting, but are aligned with our curriculum here at home!

The Bright Connection Fun Package in Review


Fun hands on activities to make science fun #STEM #education

The Secret Files of Professor L. Otto Funn was our favorite by far.  Here is a book with a ton of hands-on science learning and facts.  Create volcanoes, catapults, rockets, bridges, and more.  Enjoy the easy-to-follow directions.  I love how most of the materials are things that we already had in our house.  Here are some of the very fun projects that we have done so far!


catapault making with craft sticks and rubber bands


Here we made a catapult.  The two olders had fun putting it together, and everyone had a lot of fun launching popcorn, Cheerios, and other small objects across the room.  The design worked really well – and it was easy.  It worked, and it was fun for all the kids – even though they are all 4 years apart.


Learning about different rocks #STEM #geology


This was really fun for Hadyn because he took Earth Science this year, and has identified different types of rock.  Here, we used crayon shavings to demonstrate how different types of rocks are formed.  We started with sediment (demonstrated with crayon shavings).    Then the sediment blows around and collects.  Over the millions of years, the pressure (demonstrated by a book) pushes everything down to make sediment rock (with layers).  Then there is more pressure (demonstrated by jumping on the crayon – which the kids loved to do) to form Metamorphic rock.  Through heat and pressure, the metamorphic rock turns into Magma (demonstrated by heating the crayon in the oven).  Rapid cooling creates Igneous Rock (demonstrated by putting our Magma Crayon in ice water) .  The kids loved the crayon formations of  the Igneous Rock.  They came out really interesting!

There is a lot more to learn and discover in this book.  Now, we are in the process of making stalagmites and stalactites.  While it doesn’t take a million years to form like in real caves, it happens in couple of days!


Interesting ABC book

I have to admit that this is the most original ABC book that I have seen.    The Curious Creatures ABC is outstanding.  The illustrations are one of a kind!  The book is interesting and fun.  It introduces new and fun words and vocabulary.  I read this book to my toddler.  He’s in the stage where he just wants to flip pages, but he certainly enjoyed all of the vibrant pictures.  He also liked listening to the fun tongue twisters.  It’s a fun twist on your typical ABC book.  Love it!


Hammerheads and Gorrilas #STEM


My two older kids loved these books.  They are into watching the Scientific American Series on dangerous spiders around the world (yuck), killer bees, sharks, etc.  Any animal that kills is exciting to them!  We did not use these books in our homeschool, but used them as read-aloud book before bed.  They were fascinated.  It’s amazing how exciting kids will get about reading – when they are reading something that is interesting to them.


Hammerheads and More

Here is a book that educates and doesn’t scare.  Fun factual information is awaiting you in this professional written zoology spine.  They talk about Hammerheads, great whites, basking sharks, cookie cutter shark and more!  All the information is short and understandable for a child.  If something peaks their interest, they can always do more research – which is a great skill in and of itself!


Gorillas and More

This book talks about the characteristics and lifestyles of different Apes.  I learned a lot from this book.  Did you know that there are only 5 types of Apes?  They are mostly found in Western Africa and Southeast Asia.  Personally, I find Apes to be fascinating.  I think we can learn so much about ourselves by watching Ape families and how they work.


knights and castles


Ah ha!  Fun…fun…fun!  This really worked well with our Medieval History lessons.  Our catapult project also worked very well here (GO World Book!).  This book almost goes into everything “medieval”.  From the Peasants to the knights, to the monarchy – everything was covered.  The kids loved the information about the castles, the duels, and the pageantry.  The chapter on “the arts” was particularly interesting to me.  They reviewed the styles (Gothic and Romanesque) – and how the church influenced the styles.  This book gives a really good and fun overview of the Medieval period.  It doesn’t go too much in-depth, which I really liked.  Why water it down with so many facts?  Keep it fun and light – and the kids will take interest and want to learn more!


Brain Twisters


These are brain twisters that the kids will enjoy.  They are not too hard to be impossible, but they challenge their logical thinking skills .  Brain ticklers and twisters are two books that would be very fun to do for a family night.  I promise you, your kids will enjoy them!

You can purchase the Bright Connection Fun Pack  – which contains these 7 books at 50% discount from Educents HERE.

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  1. The catapult project and the knight book sound like things we’d enjoy for next school year. We’re wrapping up Creation to the Greeks, and next year is Rome to the Reformation.
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  2. […] This product review was originally posted by All-Star Blogger Lisa Nelson on The Squishable Baby. […]

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