“Busting Through the Glycogen” FREE Thanksgiving Day Workout!

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Yes, it is possible to burn fat on Thanksgiving Day!  Even a Jiiiiiivvvvveeee Turkey will want to do this workout on Thanksgiving!  It’s a calorie scorcher!

It’s a calorie scorcher!

Here are the rules to get THE MOST out of this workout.

  1. When you are done with dinner tonight, be done with it.  Stop eating.
  2. While you are sleeping, your body will use some of the sugar from your last meal for energy, and store some in your liver.
  3. Do this workout first thing in the morning.  Don’t eat before.  You can drink water, but that’s it.  No calories.  When you do this, your body relies on the stored glycogen to carry you through your workout.  When the stored energy is gone, your body will convert to breaking down your stored fat for energy.  It’s a good energy source!
  4. Don’t eat for at least 2-hours after you finish your workout.  The longer you wait, the longer your body will burn your stored fat!
  5. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Once you eat, even just 50 calories, your insulin levels will spike, and fat burning will be cut off.

Do you want to take this challenge?


Equipment needed

No equipment is necessary for this workout.  Just your body and a place to do it!

Interlocking Floor mats – will help with the jumping

Heart rate monitor – to give you better biofeedback about how many calories your burn with each workout.  When you know how many calories you are burning, you can better tailor your nutrition plan to fit your needs!


This is one HAM of a Thanksgiving Day Workout!

Do the workout with me now!



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  1. Great workout! I also appreciate the info you offered – I had no idea that after eating only 50 calories insulun levels spike and fat burning is cut off. YIKES!

  2. Killing it girlfriend. I just started doing some similar workouts in the morning and man does it set the pace for y entire day. Something about exerting a bunch of energy gives me more of it 🙂

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