The In’s and Out’s of CBD Oil for Horses



I’m sure there is nothing more freeing than taking your horse for a ride in the open fields with grassland as far as the eye can see. The wind whipping your hair back as it flows effortlessly with the movement of the galloping and feeling the power underneath you as your horse’s muscles contract with each action.

Sounds like something from a movie scene am I right? Although, those clips usually involve a sandy shoreline, waves rolling onto the beach in white foam, and ending with meeting the man of your dreams on his stallion emanating regality and authority. This is not that movie I’m afraid, but we can dream.

This film is more along the lines of opting to give your horse what’s known as CBD oil, a naturally produced element found in the Hemp plant, and with the ever-increasing success stories, a must if you are concerned about the horse’s well-being but hesitant to give chemically-laden medicines.

To begin your CBD journey, check out these equine products, a quick insight into the products available, the positives they can bring to your pet’s health, and how to go about getting started. If you have tried everything else and still the ailments continue, is it not time to use what is naturally and readily available to us from nature and the earth?

Our pets are an extended member of the family, an extra appendix when it comes to our lives and we care for them as we would our children. CBD has given pet owners a new lease on life, they get that many more years with their animal and making memories is what life is all about, is it not?

If their health issues or concerns are not what you consider to be big, you can still add a few drops (correct dosage calculated according to the weight and size of the animal of course) into their daily meals to maintain balance in the system operations in the body and to prevent any future complications as much as possible.




CBD is a natural compound found in the cousin of the marijuana plant’s family, Cannabis Sativa. You can see the technical explanation here, but essentially its Mother Nature’s way of curing the animals that roam on her being in the most ethically sound way she knows how.

If this plant can grow in abundance without the need for harmful pesticides and toxins is this not a product we would like to aid our wounds?

Medicines, as great as they are and advanced as they are becoming, tend to leave traces of solvents behind. These have been known to be harmful to patients and animals in the long –run when we may well have forgotten we have used them.


Features of a legitimate CBD product.

With so many companies, brands, and products readily available and selling products it can be daunting knowing which is good, which is value for money and why are some used more than others. A few key factors to take in when shopping will make all the difference when it comes to making the final decision and the purchase of the items.

  • Extraction process. When it comes to supply and demand manufacturers will inevitably take short cuts and do what it takes to produce the products faster, this may include chemical processes and not something you want. Look for labels that state CO2 manufacturing as these have the least solvents left behind.
  • We all know when a deal is too good to be true, the same goes for CBD oil, price doesn’t always reflect quality so make sure to read labels and check ingredients. It is worth paying that little bit extra if it means giving your house a better product, read this blog to see what others have to say on the subject.
  • Details. Check the quantity of CBD you’re getting, labels should reflect the percentage and the last thing you want is a ‘diluted’ product and then not receiving the full benefit of the oil. Ideally, you want around 250-1000mg per 30ml bottle, anything less and you’re wasting your money.

CBD has become a game-changer for so many pet owners and users, start your journey and see the changes in you and your pet’s life.


Have you ever considered using CBD oil?

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