Change Your Mindset and you WILL Change Your Body

We all have the ability to change – whatever we want to change.  Whether it be selling a house and buying a new one, how our body is shaped, a hairstyle, or our outlook on life.

What makes a home sale successful – even if you are giving 10k in closing cost help and giving away 8k for an old furnace?  You are getting $18,000 less back (painful), but is the sale still successful?

There are two ways of thinking about it…

1) No.  I’m 18k in the hole, and now I can’t do this or that.


2) YES!  I am buying my dream home!  I am moving our family forward!  We are upwardly mobile, and while I didn’t get as much money out of the sale, the kids can now see what’s possible.  For them, this is normal.  We are the trailblazers and now they will take their families and do much better than what we did.

It’s a mindset thing.

The way you think about things can bring happiness, or pure and utter despair.

It’s your choice.

Weight Loss

You are not reading this post because you need support with the home buying process, right?  You want to lose weight and keep it off.

In my opinion, lasting weight loss is one of the most difficult things we do as humans.  Most are not successful with the weight loss portion, and even less with the “lasting” portion.  Study after study has shown that humans cannot lose weight, and keep it off.

Luckily, I don’t read those studies, I am very stubborn, and lastly, I believe that it’s possible.

So in the age of The Biggest Loser, where people drastically diet and exercise only to gain it all back and some more, what’s the problem?

Well, you lose all this weight, and your metabolism fails to recover.  So then you go back to eating how you were eating – and you get fat again.

So, what’s the missing piece?

You go back to eating how you were eating before you lost the weight.

Ah, ha!  BINGO!

Weight loss is a diet of the mind, not the body.

You must change the way you think about food, in order to change your body, plain and simple.


You wanna lose weight?  You gotta change the way you think about food!

Food was not put on this earth to fix a broken soul.  Food wasn’t put on this earth to make you happy.  Food was put on this earth to keep you alive.

You need food to live, and that’s it.

I used to say, “what you eat is 90% of weight loss, with training being 10%.”  But I was wrong.  It’s really 95% of weight loss.

What you put in your mouth, determines your success rate, 95% – and the ability to keep it off, even more.  You can definitely lose weight – and be quite successful without stepping foot in the gym or buying home workout program.

Eat less, and you will lose weight.  Change your mindset about food, keep it off.

It’s simple in principle, but very difficult in practice.


Because we are eating in celebration.  We are eating out of unhappiness.  We are eating out of stress.  We are eating when we are bored.  We are eating when we are hungry (as if we ever get to the point of being hungry).  Does anyone know what hungry really is?

We are constantly eating food laden with fat, carbs, and calories.

When we do this, we screw our metabolism.

If you are able to fix your mind to where you believe that food is here to keep us alive, you won’t be popular.  People won’t like you.  But you will get to your goal, and you will stay that way.


Learn how to maintain

We don’t need as much food as we think we do.  Even when training.  Hungry isn’t the end of the world.  To be successful with weight loss and to maintain it, you have to be comfortable being hungry.

It’s a hard thing, and that’s why people can’t do it.

It’s hard.

There I said it.

And you won’t be popular.  You won’t make friends.  People won’t want to go out to eat with you.  And that is the way it is.

This is a lifestyle.  This means you believe this on your birthday, on days you are celebrating,  on days that you are tired,  on days that you are stressed, and on days that you are sad.

On all days – every day – day in and day out.



Piecing your brain together.

I remember creating a Facebook posts, early in my weight loss journey.  I said something like this…


“Everyday I get up, and I feel like my brain falls out over the floor and breaks into a million pieces.  I spend the entire day trying to piece it back together.  All days – I don’t get it right.  I have a piece left over, or it’s not totally together right.”

That’s how it feels.  It’s hard.

Anybody who says it’s not hard, turn your back and walk away.  It is hard.

But you have to do the hard work.

If you keep at it, you keep putting it back together – everyday, and eventually you will learn the puzzle.  It’s not without sacrifice, and it’s not without mistakes.

That’s how you do this.

Fix what’s going on in your head, the things that are making you eat, and you will find lasting weight loss.  No program.  No protein shakes, no pills.

The problem is in the mind.

The mind suffers, the body cries out.
Have you tried to lose weight? What is keeping you from achieving your goal?

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