CLX Resistance Band Lower Body Workout + 2 Bonus Tabata

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My reverse diet ended at the beginning of February – and until this date, March 9th, I have lost 17 lbs.  I have done that by eating at a modest caloric deficit followed by planned and responsible daily training.

My training regimen isn’t complicated.  Since I want to get back to a reasonable weight and I want to maintain the muscle mass that I have built (don’t want to spend that time reverse dieting to be a waste), I am combining weight training, resistance training and cardio. 

I am of the body type where it’s easy to build muscle but very difficult to lose fat.  So, you will see that reflected in the amount of cardio that I have to do.  It’s a lot.  But time and time again, when I lose weight, to be successful, I have to do lots and lots of cardio.  Everybody is different.  Some people can lose weight doing much less cardio.  You have to find out for yourself what works for you.

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I do cardio every single day.  I weight train M, W, F and do long endurance cardio T, Th, Sat.

On my weight training days, I do HIIT, which are intervals.  HIIT is cardio done in the form of intervals.  It could be anything really.  For instance, I might do a treadmill hills HIIT, where I am at incline 3 for 2 minutes and incline 14 for one minute.  Or I might do running hills.  Or I may do a plyo hit where I’m doing more jumping moves.  Or maybe a step mill HIIT where I am climbing at 70 steps a minute for 2-min and 100 steps a min for 1-min.

I try to make my HIITs 30-60 minutes on weight days – which may be one long HIIT with multiple machines or inclusions.  It could also be different HIITs.  Where I do 2 muscle groups followed by a 15-minute HIIT, followed by 2 more muscle groups, followed by a 15-minute HIIT, etc.

It depends how I feel and how I have planned the workout.

I personally prefer to do all the cardio at once – just because I don’t enjoy it as much as the weight training.

On my non-weight training days, I do long endurance cardio.  The purpose is to get my heart rate in the cardio range for at least 45-minutes straight. 

Long endurance cardio could be a treadmill walk, or hills walk, a swim, a steady state treadmill run, etc. 

Personally I like swimming.  It’s a full body workout with resistance.  I start swimming and don’t stop for an hour.  I can go 1.5 miles or so and burn 500 calories in that time.

Swimming is quiet and relaxing.  Just me and the water.  Done early in the morning, it’s a great workout.

My weight days don’t just include weight but also resistance training.  I use dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, loop bands ,etc – especially to target muscle groups.

I do a resistance band workout specifically to target my glutes once a week.  This is my favorite way to target my glutes, and I wanted to share this workout with you.  It’s using the CLX continuous loop band.


CLX Band

Have you heard of this band?  I love it.  It has continuous loops, so you are able to easier adjust the resistance for you.  Basically, you get more out of one band.  I find it incredible easy to use, versatile for the number of exercises that I can do, and highly effective. 

I have one band and can do so many different things to work big and small muscles.

One of the main purposes of my reverse diet was to build my backside.  So here is my favorite CLX workout for the butt!


CLX Butt workout


You want to warm up 2:30.  I typically increase my heart rate with butt kicks and jumping jacks, and then go for the windmill, hamstring stretches, glute stretches, shoulder stretches and chest stretches.  Don’t forget the twist and pivots to work your abs and obliques.

Yes, in this workout, you will get it all!

Each exercise is done twice.  If it’s one-legged, you can choose.  You can do one set the left leg and one set the right leg or you can do one leg twice and do the other leg twice.  I do the latter.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure you set your interval timer for the appropriate number of sets.  It’s a 45 second on and 15 second off type of workout.  There are 15 exercises in total.

Then there are also two optional tabatas (one plyo and one jump rope).  You can combine these with the band exercises for a complete full body workout!

CLX squat


This one, you want to keep your hands up high, about the height of your chest.  Keeping your hands high will add resistance to your upper body.   Feet should be in loops so there is one free loop between.

To target he hamstrings and glutes: Spread your legs about shoulder width with toes pointed out about 45 degrees.  Go deep and slow.  Pause at the bottom and push through the heels coming up.

To target the quads: feet narrow, toes pointed forward. 

Do both, why not?


CLX Sumo Squat


feet through the loops so there is one loop between. With the sumo, feet out wide, wider than your shoulders. Hands through the loops and up by your chest. You are going to take a big squat down, knees tracking over your toes. Push up through your heels to come up will activate the inner thighs.

CLX Good morning


Feet through the loop so that there is a loop between and hands up by your chest. To initiate this movement, push your hips back. The bend doesn’t come first. The bend comes from pushing your hips back first. Keep your weight in your heels and as you go down, you will feel a pull in the hamstrings. When you feel this pull, straighten up and squeeze the butt. Your want your hips to thrust forward.

CLX Single leg squat


Place feet as before, with a loop between. Stand on one leg, with the weight in the heel. Push your butt back, squat down as far as you can go, and squeeze the butt as you come up. Don’t forget the other leg!

CLX Side lunge leg lift


With feet same as the other standing exercises, take a big step to the side and lunge. Putting the weight in the heels, stand upright and give a side leg lift with 1-2 second hold.

CLX curtsy


Nice work for the side of the booty. Make sure to keep the standing foot straight, keep weight in the heel, and keep that heal down when you go into the curtsy. When you push up, you will activate the glutes.

CLX Back lunge with leg lift


This is a back lunge. Step back into a lunge, go as low as you can keeping the knee and ankle in line. Push up through the heal and do a tiny glute squeeze on that back leg.

CLX Monster walk side-to-side AND forward and back




forward and back:

The important point for effective monster walks is to not bring your feet all the way together. Keep them separate so that there is tension in the band at all times. These are very effective side of the booty exercises.

CLX Back lunge with leg lift


This is really a good spot to put in a plyo tabata. We are about to transition to the floor and a great time to increase your heart rate. IF you are going to put in a tabata, this is a good place to do it.

CLX Hamstring curl on all fours


With feet positioned the same (with one loop separating, place your hands in the loops to make it challenging for you. Lift-up your leg behind you, then curl your leg towards your butt and out straight. Keep your knee up and in the same place. This hits the hamstrings like nothing else!

You’re welcome!

CLX bird-dog/press-out


There are two ways to do this. The bird-dog is more advanced as it includes a shoulder press. You press your leg out and opposite arm at the same time.



You take the arm out and just press the leg back.

CLX Side Laying abduction


This is a play on the old side laying leg raises. Keep your arms up towards your chest. To target the right muscle, make sure to keep the toe pointed towards the ground. That will help move your body in the proper position. Your body should be straight and you should be rolled forward on that hip.

CLX Clam


My favorite. You put the loops right above your knees. If you need more resistance, add another loop band – as I did here.

Bonus Tabata 2

Still have gas left in the tank? Try this jump rope tabata!

Make sure you spend some time cooling down and stretching out. Hamstring, glute and quad stretches are key. But since we worked the full body, add upper body and ab stretches. I stretch for 2:30 at the end of workouts.

While I am focusing on a workout in this post, 90% of reaching your health and fitness goals is about what you do in the kitchen.

If you need help or advice…


Whew, I hope you enjoyed the workout. If you try it, tell me what you like and don’t like. I would love to hear it.

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