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I had the opportunity to review Team Beachody’s newest program, Core De Force.


The Promise

With CORE DE FORCE, you won’t get a run-of-the-mill kickboxing workout. You’ll get a total-body shred that focuses on blasting fat off your core—no equipment needed.

In 3-minute ’rounds,’ you’ll alternate between Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations, cardio spikes, and bodyweight training for an insane calorie burn. And that’s just the beginning. Because each move, whether it’s a jab or an uppercut, is rotational—meaning you get a 360-degree core workout that’ll tighten up your midsection and shed fat off your belly, fast.

All you have to do is hit it hard for 3 minutes at a time. Before you know it—you’re done. And in 30 days? You’ve got your knockout body.

Does it deliver all of that in 30 days?


What’s Included?

10 MMA-Inspired Workouts on 3 DVDs

-Learn it, Work it (approximately 4 minutes) Each MMA-inspired workout includes a step-by-step breakdown to help you master the moves from the get-go.

– MMA Speed (6 rounds – 27 mins): Upper body- and core-focused, this Boxing-influenced workout is short—but packs a serious punch.

– MMA Shred (9 rounds – 37 mins): Kick things up a notch with Muay Thai-inspired elbows and kicks for a head-to-toe shred that helps lean you out fast.

– MMA Power (12 rounds – 47 mins): Using explosive and defensive-style movements, this fast-paced cardio-conditioning workout will help you carve a tight, lean body.

– MMA Piyo (12 rounds – 47 mins): What happens when you combine Boxing, Muay Thai, and plyometrics into one workout? You get a total-body shred designed to knock out hundreds of calories and spike your fat burn into overdrive.

– Power Sculpt (9 rounds – 37 mins): A total-body burner designed to sculpt lean muscle and build next-level endurance with explosive power and interval training.

– Dynamic Strength (12 rounds – 47 mins): Low on impact but high on intensity, this no-equipment, bodyweight throwdown is designed to help carve impressive definition.

– Active Recovery (21 mins): Recharge for the week ahead with this rest day workout that focuses on form and technique to fight muscle stiffness and soreness.

– Core De Force Relief (5 mins): Don’t let soreness stand between you and staying consistent with your workouts. Do this quick 5-minute stretch before bed to help relieve tight and tired muscles—and keep you at the top of your game.

– Core Kinetics (15 mins): A unique core workout inspired by mixed martial arts movements to shape sleeker, stronger abs.

– 5 min. Core on the Floor (5 mins): The ultimate core finisher—5 challenging plank movements to help burn the belly and define, flatten, and tone the tummy.


My Review

I was extremely wary of an MMA workouts because they just haven’t worked well in the past. I felt like I was doing a lot of punching and kicking and not getting a lot of results. That’s what makes Core De Force different. They have excellent MMA combos, and combine the strength training and ab work necessary so that you see results.

It’s a quick 30-day program that builds incrementally You first start with mastering punches. Then you add kicks, and finally, you move into more complicated combinations. The excellent strength training with Dynamic Strength and Power sculpt increase overall strength (especially core and upper body) which make the MMA moves easier as you move through the program.


The MMA workouts are 3-minute rounds.  You do 1-minute of an MMA move, a 30-second cardio spike, followed by the same MMA move for 1-minute, and finally a 30-second cardio spike.

Cardio Spike Example




 The cardio intervals spike your heart rate!  I liked the MMA moves because it allowed me to catch my breath, and get ready for another spike.  But I wasn’t nonchalant about the MMA moves.  Those moves shred the abs and butt!  And they do work, so I put the time in necessary to get every move so that I could get as much out of it as possible.

MMA Speed is the first (and shortest workouts).  It’s a total of 6-3-minute rounds.  Then you incorporate kicks with MMA Shred – a 37-minute workout consisting of 9-3-minute rounds.  Then it’s MMA Power, where you learn more complicated combinations and learn to use both sides of your body.  Finally, MMA Plyo – the ultimate and best (in my opinion) MMA workout.  It’s a 47-minute (12-3-minute rounds) body shredding workout!


Body Shredding Resistance Workouts


Core de force review

The reason I love Core De Force, is that they incorporate EXCELLENT resistance workouts that not only work to strengthen the core but also to strengthen the entire body. Ultimately, this helpd me with all of the Core De Force workouts.  The resistance workouts compliment the MMA workouts and vise versa!



My favorite (even today I do it periodically) is Dynamic Strength.  It’s such a wonderful full body workout.  It’s 47-minutes – 12-3 minute rounds.  The workout is fabulous.  Within each 3 minute round you work your lower body, upper body and core.  After 6 rounds, they repeat the 6-rounds with more difficult progressions.  It’s really a top notch workout.  Very well done.

Power strength is next.  This workout is 10 minutes shorter than Dynamic Strength – coming in at 37-minutes, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  It incorporates great multiple muscle moves to build and strengthen the entire body.




This workout has 9 3-minute rounds. Each round is progressive, so the easiest move (if you can say easy) is one minute. The next move is 45-seconds, but it’s a bit harder. The third move (lots of upperbody) is 35-seconds and is the most difficult ove in the round.  You do four rounds, repeat four rounds, and then have a 1-round bonus – consisting of 3 moves, no breaks (yikes).  After 8 rounds of power strength, that last round is difficult.

Core Kinetics and 5-minute core on the floor are core strengthening workouts that are built-in after the MMA workouts.

Core Kinetics is a 16-minute workout that works the core from every direction.  5-minute core on the floor is a series of 5 planks, no rest.




My 30 Day Core De Force Results

Core De Force


I became noticeably stronger in my abs.  Exercises I couldn’t do in the beginning I had mastered by the end.  My butt changed  It’s smaller and more in shape. I am noticeably slimmer through my hips and waist.  I lost 10 lbs! The pictures show that I have loose skin on both my abs and my back.  The loose skin is a product of losing 140 lbs., so not everyone will have that.  I have lost more weight, so I have more loose skin.

I am now working towards a six-pack, but the fat loss takes a lot of time.  I have changed my diet macros that will help me obtain what I’m looking for.  fat loss is like watching a boiling pot of water.  You shouldn’t expect 250 lbs to 6-pack in 30 days.  Or maybe lean to 6-pack in 30 days.  In order to achieve your desires, your training and diet regimen and your attitude must change.


In total I lost…

Hips – 1.5 inches

Waist – 2 inches

Bust – 2 inches


If you are interested in learning how an intermittent Fasting regimen will help you get your Core de Force body, contact me HERE.


There isn’t really anything I can say negative about this program. In my opinion this is one of the best Beachbody programs (and I have done many), competing for the top spot with The 21-Day Fix, P90X3 and Insanity: Max 30.

I am all about 30 minute workouts, so some of these pushing an hour, I was hesitant. This program is not only worth the money, it’s worth the time that you put in. Get up early in the morning or workout while your kids are at school or working independently. Do what you need to do to get it done. If you are dedicated and true to your diet, you will see dramatic results.

Purchase Core De Force

You can order the kit through your Team Beachbody Coach (not me) or on Amazon.
Have you considered doing a Team Beachbody program? Which program were/are you considering?


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