The Cycling Chef: Recipes to Maximize Performance AND Taste “Oh So Good!”

The elite athlete, or any athlete, needs to fuel their body for performance.  I know this better than anyone.  You need to eat to get stronger.  You need to eat to go longer.

If you don’t eat, your performance will suffer…hands down.

In this world, where we are driven to be lean, it’s difficult to reconcile eating.  But the truth of the matter, when you are in a sport, you need to eat to perform well – and that’s the bottom line.
It’s a hard thing, I know it well.  You don’t want to be big, but eating makes you big.   Annnndddd, there is a reason for that.  Eating appropriately makes your muscles stronger.  It makes it so that you are able to effectively burst out of the starting gate.  It helps to condition your muscles so that you can go faster for longer, and be about to lift more weight and grow your muscles bigger.

But you have to eat the foods that are right to fuel your body.  Pizza and fast food, won’t cut it.  Even if you are eating the same amount of calories at the end of the day (which would be very difficult to do on a high fat diet), you wouldn’t be giving your body what it needed to grow stronger and develop.

The Cycling Chef,  an elite athlete turned chef knows how to fuel the body for performance, but more importantly, how to please the palette.

I get it, most of us get pleasure from food.  We can’t separate.  Alan Murchinson, Michelin-starred chef and acclaimed sports nutritionist, has presented recipe ideas so that we are able to perform at our best and receive pleasure from the foods that we eat.

It’s a win-win!

He also talks about the important macronutrients and micronutrients so that we are making better choices, even when eating out.

They are recipes for home, out on a bike (or the sport that you like to engage in) or when you are late for a training session, he understands that being appropriately fueled is just as vital to your development as your training regimen.
This point is key.

Your nutrition is more vital to your development than your training regimen.

You need to pay attention and give it the thought and careful planning that it deserves, as it’s vital to your success.


Do you have a nutrition and training regimen?  How is it working out for you?



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