The Ease of Use of Handheld Portable Carpet Cleaners



People of today prefer a minimalist interior style. It means not much furniture, details, and household accessories. Also, no carpets – just bare floors (parquet, laminate, tiles). Still, many don’t blindly follow these rules, and they leave rugs in their households and working areas. And they do it for a good reason.

Not only do modern carpets beautify every room and give them warmth and comfort, but they are also very functional. Primarily, they represent excellent thermal and sound insulation. They serve as the best protection against scratching the floors and are an excellent ally in the fight against allergens (you can read here about types of rugs for people suffering allergy).

All that dust that binds to the carpets will continuously be in the air if the floors are naked. Because of this collecting, regular cleaning of carpets and rugs is a must. Using a vacuum cleaner every day is fine, but it’s still not the best method for removing all the dust and dirt from your house.

Importance of Deep Cleaning of Carpeting

The key to removing household dirt and dust is to clean furniture and carpets in-depth regularly. Even though the rugs don’t look dirty at first glance, you don’t know what’s on its fibers. Therefore, you should take some steps to wash the carpets thoroughly.

Deep washing of furniture and carpets will give them an old glow, and after such a wash, they will look better. The entire room will look different. So this investment pays off multiple times; you don’t have to do it often, and, if you do this washing properly (use reliable portable cleaner and quality cleaning agents), your floor mats will stay fresh and clean longer. That will undoubtedly extend their life.

Rent or Buy Carpet Cleaner

Which one of these two options makes more sense depends on many factors. Some people don’t want to waste time cleaning; others have more trust in professional cleaning agencies. But this decision also depends on the budget.

Clearly, buying an appliance, in the beginning, is a more expensive investment than hiring a professional or renting a machine for a day. But after a few uses, getting a carpet cleaner pays off, even if you use the most expensive cleaning solutions.

Before you make a final decision on buying this appliance, you can rent it a couple of times, just to see how easy it’s to handle. Keep in mind that these are professional machines, bulkier, heavier, and more frayed than the ones you’ll find on the market. But the working principle and ease of use are pretty much the same.

Cleaning Heavy-Duty Stains



Carpet spots are much harder to remove than those on floors. Many specks of dirt penetrate deep into the fibers, so we often do not even notice the stain. But if we got a closer look, it’s still there. Therefore, it is not advisable to neglect the deep cleaning of carpeting from time to time, even when the dirt is not visible. Especially if you have kids who like to play on the floor.

Most commercial portable carpet cleaners work on the principle of pumping the water on the surface and then vacuuming that dirty liquid mixed with the soap. Some manufacturers also call them shampooers and extractors because of this feature. For some models, there is a possibility of heating the water, and they work similarly to carpet steamers, except they don’t use dry steam.

Due to the pressure and warmth of the water used in these cleaners, as well as the effect of cleaning solutions, even the most stubborn stains will break down. The great advantage of this machine is that it can access every place of your home. If you have the right accessories, like a long hose and the addition for cleaning the upholstery, you can clean corners that you couldn’t so far.

Sometimes you need to go over a dirty place repeatedly or spray it with extra chemicals. If the stains are greasy or sticky, you’ll need a cleaning solution and degreaser. Or if there are layers of dust on carpet fibers, you should clean them until you notice the original rug color.


Additional Tips for Purchase and Use of Portable Carpet Cleaners


Although this is an appliance you will not use often, it is essential that its dimensions and weight suit you. Also, pay attention to the size of the water tank. The larger the surface to be cleaned, the larger the container should be. That is important for functionality and streamlining. With larger tanks, you don’t have to change the water in the machine every couple of minutes.

When buying a portable carpet cleaner, make sure it has a flexible hose. Some models do not have a flexible conduit, and although the appliance itself is lightweight and easy to operate, a non-bendable hose can make it difficult to reach, for example, places under or behind furniture. Also, stiff hoses burst faster.

Rugs of different materials require different maintenance methods. Although these cleaners can be used on a wide variety of floor mats, pay special attention to those made from natural materials such as wool. Do not use the water heating option here. Do the washing with lukewarm water to prevent the fibers from shrinking and damaging.

It is advisable to remove larger pieces and crumbs from the carpet before using deep cleaning, even at the surface level. That will make the cleaning solution more effective (leave it to act as instructed) and prevent these trifles from getting into the cleaner. They can get stuck in the hose and clog it.

You can use vacuum every day, if you can bear the sound. But still, sometimes you have to take the time to clean your floor mats in detail. Regular home hygiene is of the utmost importance for your health and well-being. Deep cleaning is not a usual household job; as it requires a bit more time, you can plan it in advance, and according to your needs and schedule.


I just moved into a house, and the kids rooms have carpet, and various areas have area rugs.  How do you keep your carpet and area rugs clean, especially in high trafficked areas like mud rooms?

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