Teaching My Children About Faith – The Great Plan of Happiness – A Book Review

It’s Thursday, and in Today’s installment of Our Love For Books Series, I’m working with Leanna at All Done Monkey.  I love Leanna and that she challenges and inspires me in very positive ways!

This post was created as part of the upcoming Kids Learn About Faith series, to be published on InCultureParent later this spring.

Many of the principles of the Gospel are very difficult to comprehend – especially for a child.  Often times I find myself struggling with how to explain complex concepts in an easy to understand manner.  While the Bible and/or Book of Mormon are excellent references/texts – and a good way to teach and develop a love for scripture – the language is foreign and often difficult to discern – even for me.

I was so happy to find The Great Plan of Happiness – written and illustrated by David Bowman.


This book teaches us one of the great Gospel Principles – The Plan of Salvation.  The Great Plan of Happiness has many positive attributes.  First, the illustrations are amazing and are engaging and easy to understand.   I liked how they flowed from one thing to another – utilizing arrows.  It’s very straightforward – in terms of what comes first, then second, then third.  In the video below, I was reading to my 4 year old daughter and 8 year old son.  The content was easy to understand for both and both remained engaged and interested throughout the entire book.  For a 4 year old, 13 minutes is difficult to sit through.  As you see in the video – my son had some additional questions and further discussion points.

Diversity is very important.  If you look at the video pretty closely, you will notice that my son pointed to one of the brown people and said – there were brown people in heaven.  That was not scripted.  My son taught me a lot.  Diversity is important – especially in a Church which is seen (by the greater audience) to lack diversity.

I loved this book because he showed – very clearly – that there are brown people in the premortal life, in the earth life, and in the life beyond.  And even though, in reality, we don’t have bodies and therefore no color (in the premortal and spirit life existence) – Mr. Bowman included a wide range of people – which I loved!  I love this because the church is for everybody who wants it.  No matter the color of your skin (in the mortal life), you can have all the blessings of the Church  -including Temple blessings and a celestial family – if you want it and work for it.  It’s there for everyone!

So, my answer to his question was, yes.  There are brown people (who will be brown anyway) in the pre-earth life.  There are brown people who have temple marriages and there will be brown people (who were brown here on earth) in the highest order of heaven.

I think that’s a very good lesson – and one that all of us should learn.

The last point, is that this book had a pull out summery map at the end.  Fantastic!

Final map final I think it’s a beautiful summary of what happened in the book.  I have put it up in the kids room, and also will be utilized for Family Home Evening – a weekly event where we discuss Gospel principles in a fun way (singing, reading scriptures and playing games).

I would love to hear one example of how you taught your children about faith and spirituality!  Comment and tell, because I really really want to know.

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  1. That looks like a really nice, clear book- and I love that your son picked up on the diversity of the characters in the book and pointed it out to you. Very cool.

  2. Loved the book and watching you read it! (Also loved hearing Grayson cooing in the background). What a terrific book with a wonderful lesson.

    • Hey,

      Ha! Yeah, he was getting all dried after a bath. Haha! Thanks so much for watching and for stopping by!

  3. Hi.. so glad to have found you via GTKY blog hop. What a beautiful blog you have… I love the simplicity of color splashes on your blog, it makes it so clean and neat! I think teaching our kids about faith is an ongoing process, regardless of their age., and most importantly to teach them to Love One Another. What a nice book! I look forward to following you on your social media channels!

    • Hey Victoria,

      Thanks you so much for stopping by. I also am so glad to have found you. I am hoping that we will be great blogger friends!

      Thanks for the compliments! I wanted splashes of color! YAY!

      Yes, you are right. Teaching about faith is life long. I’m still learning myself – as my faith is tested everyday.

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