Fat-Loss Training Equipment


Being  homeschool mom myself, I know there is little time and money to work on myself.

When I started my journey in 2014 I looked like the picture on the left. I felt lazy, slow, and weighed down.  I had terrible self-esteem issues, and I allowed things to happen which shouldn’t.  I had hypertension, was on high blood medication and was pre-diabetic.
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Now I look like the picture on the right, and I’m still losing.

In those two years, I experienced 42 of pregnancy and 1-year of breastfeeding where I wasn’t unable to lose a pound (I’m one of those unlucky individuals who is extremely hormone sensitive and who absolutely cannot lose weight while nursing).  But I didn’t give up, continued to exercise, eat right and work towards my goals.

I am confident, feeling great, feeling strong and am in charge of my life.  I am off of the high blood medication, my chance of getting diabetes is now dropped to the normal population, my bad cholesterol has dropped and my good cholesterol soared.

I achieved all of this through at-home workouts taking 30 minutes or less a day and a solid, scientifically backed nutrition program.

I want to help other obese and overweight women achieve the same.

You don’t need a ton of money.  You don’t need a ton of time.  What you need is dedication, heart and the willingness to work very hard.

Yes, this is not going to be easy.  I am going to push you.

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Required Equipment for Training

Enell High Impact Sports Bra

Lycra – Check to see what outlets you have near you.  Outlets offer better prices.

Filas Outlet – When you walk in it’s a breath of fresh air.  Women of all sizes and shapes are wearing Filas and looking great!  The sizing is extremely generous.  I could fit into a medium pants, which is saying something HUGE.  Cause my butt is HUGE.  The clothes are comfortable, affordable and extremely high quality.  There are few styles, not a lot of prints, and sizing goes up to XL.  If you don’t have an outlet store near you, check out Filas Online.

Fabletics – Fabletics is  great resource and goes up to 2 XL.  The clothes are size appropriate, come in many fun styles and prints and satisfy even the most stubborn budget.

Nike – Nike is always great.  I love the Dri-Fit.  It’s durable and wicks the sweat keeping you feeling cool and dry.  Even with the outlet, it’s still a bit more expensive then the other options.

Sara Solomon Core Speed Jump Rope


Liter Water Bottle


Recommended Equipment

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor – Communicates with your tablet or smart phone.

Interlocking Floor mats – Save your knees, hips and ankles.  Get the mats.

Gym boss Interval Timer – as a beginning download a HIIT timer onto your table or smart phone.


Optional Equipment

Long Resistance bands

Leg resistance bands

Kettle bells

Ab Wheel

Gloves to Protect the hands


I will be publishing free workouts via email.  If you are interested in my fat-loss workouts, please contact me HERE.