I can’t lose weight, Just gain it!

Welcome to my fitness hell.

I work and work and track and track, and sleep and sleep, and train and train, and take my multivitamin, and calculate my carbs, proteins and fats, and lift, and do cardio, and…and…and…I can’t lose a pound of fat, muscle, water or anything.  However, when I eat in a surplus, albeit small, just 100 calories a day over the course of 4-weeks – boom, 1 lbs of fat is added to my butt.



It’s true.  I’m not lying.  I can no longer lose fat/weight/water/or anything else – or at least it seems like it.  I just gain it, and gain it well, I definitely do.  When they use the term hardgainer, that’s me, I’m a hardgainer of fat.  It just piles on and on, with zero effort.

It’s incredible.


I will never forget.  My Mom once said to me, I can gain 50 lbs like nothing.  6 months, I will be 60 lbs. heavier – with no effort.

Yep, If I’m not careful tracking and training, I would be 300 lbs again, I’m sure of it.  With no effort.


I laugh because it’s the definition of irony.  And I am glad I track and follow this closely, because I have learned such important lessons about myself and my body.  Some of the truths, not so much fun to learn.

Like for instance, I am going to have to do this for the rest of my life, if I want to stay a semi-normal weight.

It’s funny.  You can lose 160 lbs. and still be overweight (by BMI standards anyway).  So when I take a fat analysis test , it says I’m overweight.  I will forever be an overweight person, and that’s a hard lesson to swallow.  It really is, when all you want and have worked for is to not to be overweight.

Alas, it is what it is, right?

Most people will tell you that BMI doesn’t matter, and most of those people have not spent one day living as a fat person.  I come to you with a different perspective…but that – is what it is, too, I guess.

But lets look at why I continue to be overweight – by BMI standards anyway.

What have I learned?


When I was 300 pounds, I was looking to lose weight.  I didn’t care where it came from; fat, muscle, water…I didn’t care.  All I wanted was to weigh less.

Now that I am leaner – incredibly leaner – and lifting, it’s not so easy to see weight loss.

Weight is divided up into many things.  There is fat, muscle, water, skeletal matter, organ, and food.  When you lose weight, you are either losing fat, muscle, water or food – or a combination of things.  So you would think, when you lose fat, and everything else staying equal, you will lose weight at the speed you are losing fat.  If you lose fat and muscle, you will lose weight at the speed you are losing fat and muscle.

The only way to lose fat is to eat in a caloric deficit.  That has been proven again and again.  You have to eat less to burn fat.  That’s it, that’s all, it’s over.  So you can toss all of your fat burners, lotions and potions.

You’re welcome!

So, if I get on the scale and my weight is going up, rapidly, I am overeating and fat is piling on.

Been there done that.

There are some exceptions.  What if the scale isn’t moving?

Either, One: I’m eating at the same rate my body is spending calories.  So in essence, I am in maintenance.  I’m gaining nothing and I’m losing nothing.  Or, I am eating in a deficit and building muscle.  Fat loss + muscle gain = no change on the scale.

“They” say that you can’t build muscle on a deficit.  “I” say, they are wrong.  I have done it.

“They” say that you need a caloric surplus to build muscle (while also building fat).  “I” say it’s hogwash.  I can’t build lean mass on a caloric surplus.  I have tried twice with zero success.

I can, and definitely do, get stronger.  But building lean muscle is a no-go for me.  For some reason when the fat loss machinery is turned on, so is the muscle gain machinery.  When fat loss is turned off, so is muscle building.


So where does this knowledge leave me as I move forward?

The formula is very simple.

  1.  When I want to build a part of my body, I need to be eating under maintenance.
  2. I take breaks every 3-4 months for my sanity
  3. I reverse diet if I want to get a body part stronger or improve upon my metabolism.  I must be incredibly lean first, because I will gain 5-6% body fat in the process.
  4. I will forever have to cycle my eating to stay lean and a semi normal weight.
  5. I will forever have to watch what I eat if I want to stay healthy.
  6. I will use the scale to monitor fat loss and gain.  I will use the tape measure to monitor fat loss and gain.  Both are a permanent fixture to my life. But the scale doesn’t show my worth.

And don’t even ask how I monitor fat loss while cutting calories. It’s almost impossible.

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