My Favorite Things: Bars/Cookies


I’m not a huge protein bar/cookie person. I like getting my nutrition from whole foods. However, I do see the necessity of a good bar. It’s quick and easy nutrition before and after a workout. It’s really difficult to find a good one. When I eat a bar or cookie, I want it to support my workout and/or recovery. What I look for is something pretty low in fat, higher in carbs/protein, and has clean ingredients – no sugar. Tough. These are the bars that I have enjoyed!

  Munk Pack Protein Cookies

These are delicious.  They have great flavors, and a bit goes a very long way.  I keep them in my back and just take bites off when a jolt of energy is needed.  I never eat half or the full cookie all at once.  I can find these at my local coop for $2 a cookie!  It’s a great deal.  My favorite is the macadamia nut chocolate chip!  YUM!


Stabilyze Bars

These are FABULOUS!  I love the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.  Review coming soon