Fear of Flying? How to Qualify your Pet as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)


Flying is a scary thing (believe me, I know).   Some people find that having their best friend (pet) with them helps ease their anxiety. Of course, you can’t just show up with Fido, as every airline has its own rules and regulations regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESA) on board.  To qualify your pet as an ESA, there are some rules and regulations that you must adhere to.

  • There must be an approval by the Medical Health professional via certified letter.
  • One should submit a updated ESA Letter to the airline.
  • The pets must be vaccinated and must be approved as docile. It is helpful if the pet has been properly trained.

The document verification

The US Airlines are clear on its new regulations that help the individuals individuals and pets qualify. This is to make sure that the emotional support animals are safe to carry while flying. You can obtain an ESA Letter at CertaPet which give a clear documentation by medical experts that the animals are not just pets, but have the training to qualify as ESA.

The procedure involved in USA Airlines

Well, here is a something important rules for the passengers to know.

American Airlines:

The passengers should have a document approved by the medical representative saying that they have mental health disorders and require  an emotional support animal while flying. This document should be submitted 48 hours prior to the  flight.  This document must be recent.  One used for a prior flight would be invalid.


They should provide the proper medical documentation designating need of an ESA.  Passangers should also carry vaccinations and dates dates and a letter from a veterinarian stating that the animal is safe to travel in public. All documents should also be submitted 48-hours prior to the flight.  All documentation needs to be less than 1-year old.


Passengers with a mental health related disability should submit a document representing the need for an emotional support animal.  The document must be less than a year old and submitted at least 48-hours prior to the flight.


Passengers who fulfill these requirements are permitted to carry their emotional support animals while flying.  If your pet is on the no-fly list, it’s going  to be a no-go!  So make sure you check before you go through the approval process.


Do you have experience flying with your ESA?  I would love to hear about the experience.

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