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Working out and eating right is good, but how are you to know that you are improving.  To be consistent in your journey, improvement is a must.  You have to continually challenge yourself by increasing your weight, jumping higher, going faster and doing more.

Doing this fit test twice every month will help you to track your progress over time.  Make sure to do this test before starting the fat loss program.  It can replace your regular Monday workout for the first month and then should be the second workout thereafter (always look for ways to push yourself).

Make sure you warm up for a few minutes before starting this test.  Also, don’t forget to download the fit test data sheet to track your progress month to month.


Fit Test

All you will need for this fit test is your gorgeous human body!  No equipment necessary.

For extra energy, and especially if you train fasted, sip BCAA’s during the workouts.  They don’t break a fast.  You can drink 1 serving every 2-hours during your fast!



Here are 9- exercises that are performed for 1-minute each.  Set your timer with a 45-second break between each exercise.

For details on the exercises and to accurately track your progress, download the fit test data sheet here!



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Now that you have done the fit test and worked really hard, it’s time relax and nourish your body with protein and healthy fats!

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