Fitness Done Anywhere – A Few Pieces of Equipment that will Get you to Your Goal

Fitness is just a term that describes a person’s ability to recover from exercise.  LOL.  This is my unprofessional opinion, anyway.  The more fit you are, the more able you are able to recover from exercise.

What does that mean?  If you do 10 burpees, are you out of breath, panting and can’t do one more?  Or are you just getting started, and ready to do 40 more?  The faster your body is able to recover, the faster you are able to do 40 or more, and the more fit you are.

How do you get to this point, where you can recover from strenuous exercise in 10-seconds?


You have to practice daily.  Daily practice strengthens your lungs, makes you stronger, and has an abundance of other benefits – assuming that you are eating and sleeping appropriately.

I’m not going to glance over this point, like it doesn’t matter, because it does.  It matters A LOT.  You have to be watching what you are eating, eating whole foods in healthy amounts to see results.  Don’t get me wrong here.  You can be exercising like crazy, eating like crap, and get nowhere in your health and fitness.  I know, because I have done it.

It’s not a sermon, just a fact.

With that said, fitness can be done anywhere.  The first place people go, is a gym.  Well, there is definitely fitness equipment at a gym, and one can go there, and get fit, but it’s not a necessity.  The gym is not a church, it’s not a rule, it’s a tool…it’s a building with classes and equipment.

But do you need a gym, and a membership to get fit?

No.  Just a few simple tools, and you will be on your way.


Fitness done right at home


With a few simple tools, you will be on your way!


Dumbbells – I would recommend a pair of 5’s, 8’s, 12’s, 15’s and 20’s to start.  If you are a beginner, a pair of 5 and 8’s will get you going.  But it’s important to recognize that you will need to increase weight to continue your fitness journey.

Kettlebells – These might be more important than dumbbells, but both serve a purpose.  I would recommend a pair of 15’s, 25’s and at least one 40.

Balls and bags
Med ball – A wall ball would be my choice.  You could do all the slams and things you need.  A leather wall ball is best.  Get a good one. Start with a 10, and plan to move up later.

Sandbag – This is a great tool for heavy sandbag walks to strengthen the posterior chain.  Also for slamming, to prevent having to buy a slam ball.  Also for heavy squats and deadlifts.  It’s a great tool that is important for your home gym.

Accessory but necessary

Jump Rope – I love my jump rope, and it’s the least expensive but most effective tool in your arsenal.

Mat – Those puzzle mats are best.  Get the most mat for your space, you will need it.  For my space, I bought 6 sets of 4 mats.  It could have been more.  I use all the space.


As you notice, I didn’t include the big equipment.  In my opinion, you don’t need it.  If you find you need it, join the gym and build a combo, “at home” and “at the gym” program.  But to build muscle and burn fat, this is all you need.

It’s easy to build, and won’t cost thousands of dollars.  It’s simple.  What you have to do is be consistent, and make sure you are eating appropriately to meet your goals.  This is the big thing.  If  you are eating and sleeping appropriately, you will reach your goals with these very few simple tools.

If you need suggestion of programs, give me a shout-out, and I will throw some ideas your way.



Do you have a home gym?  What tools are your favorites?

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