My Path to Forgiveness

Today, being Good Friday, I want to talk a bit about forgiveness.  Even though I have tried really really hard, there are certain things it’s hard for me to forgive.  I have talked forgiveness before – here.  I have had to forgive when I wrote this post, and I still have to forgive the same person now.  Most likely, I will have to forgive the same person next year, and probably 7 years down the road.

This is how much I have struggled with this one thing in particular.

I typically don’t struggle with forgiveness.  Actually it’s pretty easy – depending upon the situation and people involved.  I can and have forgiven the same person multiple times.  I do this because I know it is so bad to hold anger in your heart.  This is what I teach my kids.  Because I firmly believe that that you have to teach by example, I have been extra diligent in trying to forgive this one last person.

But nope – can’t.

I know the following…

  1. The incident happened almost 10 years ago while I was in graduate school.  Haha!
  2. She was and is mentally  – not quite right
  3. She was my best and closest friend – I think that’s what makes the betrayal worse.
  4. I really need to let it go.

And knowing all of this  – I still can’t.  I did try to contact her a few years ago.  I will admit it was half hearted, and when I got her on the phone – she started all the crazy talk – not being able to concentrate on one thing.  Talking all over the place (part of her mental problem).  I just didn’t feel like it.

It took too much energy to even care.

I told her I would call back and never did.

It’s Good Friday.  Mormons don’t really “do” Good Friday.  Typically, Mormons think of Jesus Christ as living – rather than dying and being dead.  So, while we rejoice in Easter (the time of resurrection), and we recognize and believe in Good Friday – it just isn’t a day of festivity and activity.  At least these have been my observations thus far.

My message today isn’t filled with pretty pictures – just a bunch of questions and unresolved feelings.

I know what the Church peeps would tell me.  They would tell me to pray about it – but that’s not working.  I’m not getting any answers.

Maybe I am, but my heart is just not ready to accept the answers that I have been given.

Who knows.

Maybe you can help me?  What are the steps you take on your path to forgiveness?


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  1. Some things are really difficult to forgive, and some things just take a long time – maybe even more than a decade. I I also feel that sometimes you can forgive someone, but the thing that they did will still influence how you interact with them.

    Hoping you find some peace this Easter. {hugs}
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